Five Songs I’m Loving This Spring

Hello and happy Friday! I’m coming at you with a Five Things I’m Loving This Friday (resurrected after a long absence, save for my Five blog survey) focused on five songs I’m loving this spring. In that survey, I mentioned five songs I’d been playing on repeat. Well, those five are still some of my favorites, and pretty close to the ones I’m sharing here, but there are more in the rotation that have been especially prominent lately. They’re perfect for the season, as the weather finally warms up for good, the sun is shining and we have lots going on, and honestly a few of them are perfect road tunes that got stuck in my head when we were driving to Philadelphia that will definitely be in the mix for our upcoming trip to Maine! Also, they’re all country-esque, just the mood I’m in I guess 🙂



Summer sunrise




Confession (Florida Georgia Line)

This one feels like the ultimate road trip tune, for no other reason than the catchy beat and also it was playing on a loop on the Philadelphia country station when we were driving back from Center City and the sun broke through the slushy clouds for the first time all afternoon.



Die A Happy Man (Thomas Rhett)

The first Thomas Rhett song I heard, and a song that makes me feel all the feels just like Love Like Crazy. Plus, unlike most other songs in this vein, which he considers too sappy, my boyfriend actually likes this one. And if you’re going to sit in a car with someone for four hours, you’d better have some music you can agree on jamming to.



From The Ground Up (Dan + Shay)

Incredibly sappy, moves me to (happy) tears, I had it on repeat to lull me to sleep last week. I just love the music video and the story it tells, about a young couple following in their grandparents’ footsteps who had been married for 65 years, building their own family “from the ground up” with each other to rely on.



Stay Stay Stay (Taylor Swift)

I know I said my favorite was Starlight, and that I also enjoyed the Mine music video a fair amount when it was released, but there are too many good T. Swift songs for there not to be one in whatever my current lineup is. This time around, it was a close call between Stay Stay Stay, which is just about the catchiest tune from Red that puts you in a light and happy mood, and Treacherous, which is also from my favorite of her albums but is a little more in the ballad arena. Since we’re talking songs for spring and sunshine, I went with the former.



The Day You Stop Lookin’ Back (Thomas Rhett)

These lyrics are exactly what I’ve needed to hear lately. I try to focus on the future and moving forward, especially where my past struggles with an eating disorder or other issues are concerned. There’s no changing the past, there’s only making sure it doesn’t repeat itself. But there’s a big difference between saying you’re past something, and actually letting go. When you let go, it’s like you actually feel physically lighter, like you aren’t carrying around a weight anymore that makes you hunch your shoulders and leaves you in a state of persistent almost-tears. It’s taken me a long time to do this. I thought I’d done it when I left Oxford for the last time before starting law school. I thought it again during my third and final year, when things were looking up. And then I thought it last summer, when the bar exam was done and I’d had time to reflect on what matters most to me. But I don’t think that you can pinpoint a moment, in the end. Last summer is when the biggest release happened, but I feel like a little bit more has gone just recently. I’m happier every day for it. Still, I do need a little reminder once in awhile.










What’s a song you’ve been listening to lately?



Do you find yourself listening to different music as the seasons change?



Favorite road trip tunes?











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