Celebrating A Quarter Century

Yesterday was my 25 birthday, and we spent much of the weekend prior celebrating a quarter century of my life. Aside from all the jokes about how I’m really old now, it was a lot of fun and I’m grateful to the friends and family who make every day of life special, not just my birthday. 



gluten free funfetti birthday cake




On Friday evening, Brett and I braved the heat on the city sidewalks to get to the beginning of birthday weekend, which was a cheeseburger for me, of course. Nothing like a birthday burger! After dinner, I was surprised when the waiter brought out a pink and green funfetti cake. Before work one morning last week, he bought some gluten free cake mix and sprinkles in my favorite colors to make the cake for me, which I loved.



Big Daddy's turkey cheeseburger with Udi's bun




Back at home, I got my birthday gifts. Back when we were in Maine in May and I was shaming him by being able to eat more ice cream after a big dinner, he let slip that he was planning to buy me an ice cream maker for my birthday. I assumed that wouldn’t end up happening at least until next year because we both live in tiny New York City apartments with nowhere to put an ice cream maker. Still, when I saw the big box, and unwrapped a little set of ice cream tubs, I had a feeling I knew what was inside…and it was a pink Cuisinart ice cream maker. The perfect present for someone who eats as much ice cream as me šŸ™‚




gluten free funfetti cake and cuisinart ice cream maker




Saturday was a little break from celebrating, since we went to visit my grandfather in the hospital where he’s been as he hasn’t been feeling well. I enjoyed being able to share the cake, carefully brought on ice from the city due to the triple-digit heat dome covering the Northeast, with our family when we were there. On Sunday, we went to dinner at Bailey’s Backyard in Ridgefield and for ice cream afterwards at Deborah Ann’s. Roasted John Dory fish and crispy brussels sprouts followed by a heaping cup of soft serve with sprinkles. Same places as last year when I turned 24, but different food and definitely a different overall feeling



 John Dory fish and brussels sprouts


vanilla soft serve with rainbow sprinkles




I also enjoyed spending part of Sunday picking the wild raspberries that grow near our house in Connecticut. It’s the little things that make you smile in summer. In fact, picking some more raspberries en route to an easy 5 mile run on Tuesday morning was the first thing I did on my 25th birthday. After breakfast, we headed over to Swoon Bakery for a gluten free funfetti cupcake for me and cookies n’ cream for Brett.




wild raspberries

 Swoon cupcakes

 Swoon gluten free funfetti cupcake on 25th birthday




Finally, for dinner on Tuesday, we made homemade turkey and feta burgers and grilled them with french fries and veggies. More ice cream to follow, for the perfect end to celebrating a quarter century of my life. Now it’s on to the next chapter.








How do you like celebrating your birthday?


What’s your favorite birthday treat?


Do you prefer to make birthday cake or buy it at a bakery?









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10 thoughts on “Celebrating A Quarter Century

  1. Happy 25th, Alyssa! The ice cream maker sounds like such a fun present and the pink is just perfect. Sounds like a perfect weekend with tons of delicious food- the perfect way to celebrate a birthday šŸ™‚


  2. HAPPY Birthday Alyssa! It looks like you had such a blessed birthday. That was really sweet of Brett to make that cake for you. šŸ™‚ You are a really special girl. I love celebrating birthdays by just a simple day with my family. Eating a grilled meal is always fun too.


  3. Happy belated birthday! Oh man, what I wouldn’t give to have a birthday in the middle of summer. As it stands, I’m right after the new year, which always ends up being the coldest day of winter šŸ˜† That being said, it means I can go up to the mountains to snowboard, which is something I always appreciate.


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