Weekly Workouts and Updates 7/25-7/31

Before I recap my weekly workouts and updates, I want to give a shout out to Coach Laura, who has been an incredible source of information and support throughout the past month and a half I spent beginning my marathon training plan. If you’ve been reading along this summer, you’ll know that I began having some hip pain in early July that turned into a full-on injury, and as a result, I’ve decided to focus on recovery and will be deferring my entry to the New York City Marathon until next year.






I haven’t completely stopped running, but in order to exercise an appropriate amount while also resting my hip I’ve cut back a lot. Like last week, I kept my running this week to two days with about 5 miles each day. Once on Tuesday morning because it was my birthday and really wanted to get in a run, and once this weekend. Otherwise, I’ve been walking in the mornings and doing some yoga and hip stretching each evening. My pink equipment has gotten way more use lately, and my July mileage ended at 87 yesterday, definitely lower than the last few months.



Foam roller and yoga mat



Less running hasn’t meant less ice cream, even if I do sometimes run straight to it 🙂 We had some this weekend in Connecticut, and it was delicious. 



Soft serve with sprinkles and strawberry and peach ice cream



Speaking of sweets this week, one of my close friends at work left this surprise on my desk for me. She picked out all the strawberry and cherry starburst, my favorites, and wrapped them up in pink for a fun treat.




happy birthday starburst




I’m a little disappointed I won’t be running the marathon this year, but there’s lots else to look forward to in my life. I plan to run the Disney Half Marathon again this coming January, hopefully fully healed and healthy, and this time next year I may be training to cross the marathon start line in 2017.






Have you ever had to withdraw from a race due to injury?


Favorite way to cross-train when you can’t run as much?


Highlight of your weekend?











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10 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts and Updates 7/25-7/31

  1. I haven’t had to withdraw from a race, but I have had several side lined months in the winter because of an injury, and it sounds like you are making the best choice for your body. ❤ I'm thankful that you have such a positive outlook.


  2. Love all the pinkness of this post! I haven’t had to pull out of a race due to injury (knock on wood) but I have had to change my race plans. Fave way to cross train would be the elliptical or biking outside. Highlight of the weekend, my 20 miler followed by a huge piece of cake 🙂


  3. Well, obviously I am just coming back after 31 days so this is a bombshell to me. I’m so sorry to hear that you can’t run the marathon and so sad for you – I know how hard you worked to get in and how excited you were. But, life happens sometimes and I’m glad you’re staying positive about things.

    I haven’t had to withdraw from a race due to injury but last year I did have to downgrade from a full to a half marathon due to lack of preparation/motivation. It wasn’t the least bit disappointing and was the right call, but obviously it’s different when you’re choosing that path instead of being forced to take it.


  4. I had some excruciating hip pain earlier this spring and time off was the only thing that helped. And lots of stretching. I haven’t had to defer a race due to injury but I definitely would if I had one…if anything, I’ve learned that I love running so much that if I have to take a little bit of time off now to heal, it’s much better than the alternative of pushing through an injury and never being able to run again!


  5. Sorry to hear you have to withdraw from the marathon. But definitely better to let yourself recover fully instead of pushing it and hurting yourself more.

    I’ve been eating a lot of ice cream recently too. I eat it year round, but it gets out of control in the summer. It’s just so good!


  6. Thank you for the kind shout out at the start! As I’ve said before, I am so sorry to hear that you have to defer, but taking care of yourself is top priority. Running and the NYC Marathon will always be there – but we each only get one body. I had to drop out of my July marathon because of an injury, and life just went on – a deferred race or DNS is just a blip on the radar.


  7. Alyssa, I’m so sorry I missed this! We are more similar than you know and, for many reasons, I’m considering deferring my marathon too. Last year was a forced decision (stress fracture) but this time is different. It sucks. Especially two years in a row. But I know this will be just a small bump in the big scheme. Thinking about you!


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