My Other 25th Birthday Gift

I took a blogging break throughout August and September so that I could focus on planning our late September wedding, our short but sweet honeymoon to Newport, Rhode Island, and trips to two of my cousins’ weddings all packed into a two month period. But that whirlwind of activity wasn’t the only reason I went on hiatus. I’ve had a lot of changes in my life throughout the past year, and while I thought after getting through the last couple of months I’d want to start pouring my energy into growing this blog again, I’m not sure it’s the right space for my life right now.


Frequent readers may recall that Brett gave me an ice cream maker a few days before my 25th birthday. But it wasn’t the biggest birthday present I received. What we refer to as my “other 25th birthday present” was actually finding out that we’re going to have a baby. The birthday cupcakes we had that morning were eaten right after a visit to the doctor to confirm the news. While it was overwhelming to take in at the same time we were finalizing the details of our upcoming wedding and going through lots of other life changes, we’ve been so excited to meet our little one since we found out that he or she was going to arrive next spring. 




Swoon cupcakes




We decided that we wanted to wait until we were safely past the end of the first trimester to share the news outside our circle of family and close friends. I thought at first that I might share regular updates on the blog. Something that really helped me during the first trimester was reading what other bloggers have written throughout their pregnancies, especially Julie’s, Brittany’s, Morgan’s, and Colleen’s. I’d like to have a record for myself, and also share what I go through with others who might find themselves getting married and starting a family at a similar stage in life. 








The more I’ve thought about it, the less certain I feel that Renaissance Runner Girl is the right place for sharing life at this moment. I’ve loved writing this blog. But I’m not running currently, because I experienced some pretty severe dizziness and fainting in the first trimester that put me out of commission for awhile and also led to a minor foot injury (yes, it does seem like I’m falling apart sometimes!) While I was happy to make this a blog about my life when it wasn’t about running and recipes, I don’t know if it feels right to share my family’s life in the same way I shared when it was just me. So what else is there to blog about? That’s an open question.


I’m not sure if the inevitable new focus of my life and writing will mean shifting the focus of this blog, creating a new blog with an altered focus, or turning to other outlets for writing. There are a few recipe and travel posts I’ve had rolling around for awhile and I plan to share those in the coming weeks, but otherwise my posts will probably be a little more scattered as I ponder what I’d ultimately like to do. I’d love to hear thoughts from readers who have faced similar decisions.











Have you ever considered rebranding your blog?


How do you decide what’s shareable?


Ways to share your writing outside your blog?








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12 thoughts on “My Other 25th Birthday Gift

  1. Oh my goodness, Alyssa, congrats!!!! This is such an exciting time for you! I got pregnant with Ryan soon after I got married and I wouldn’t change a single bit of it. ENJOY this time. I hated hearing it when i was pregnant with Ryan, but it’s such a special time – you’ll never have the undivided time to enjoy a pregnancy again (not in a bad way!) if you have another child.
    As for blogging, do what feels right for you. I will say, I wish I had kept up my blog (that I started then as well) when I was pregnant/when Ryan was a newborn. It’s already been so much fun to be able to have such extensive documentation of Owen’s first months.


  2. <3!!! Congratulations, Mama!
    As for what's shareable, it's totally up to you. There are so many other mamas in the blogging world who I'm sure will love reading your accounts and will have wisdom and insight to share. But you also have every right to keep stuff to yourself, as well. Do what feels right to you.


  3. Congratulations Alyssa!! So exciting! I know you’ve mentioned wanting a family before so I’m happy for you! I don’t know why but I had a sneaky feeling news like this was on the way shortly 🙂

    As for rebranding…”Renaissance Pregnant Girl”? Haha, sorry, I couldn’t resist. In all seriousness, I know several bloggers who have done this. It’s not that uncommon for life to go in a different direction than the original mission of the blog. If you want to change it up, change it up! As for what to write about, I say, don’t overthink it. While I don’t read many pregnancy/mommy blogs, the ones I have seen widely differ in how they approach the topic and what content they share. I’ve seen people meticulously document every little detail week by week, and others just write more generally about what they are going through. Be yourself and do what feels right to you. You don’t have to figure it all out right now.

    As for other ways to share writing..hmm…one thing I always enjoyed (although this was before blogging and social media became so popular) was creating email lists. I did this instead of a blog to document my time in AmeriCorps and I thought it was nice. It allowed me to share my writing outside of a private paper journal while also allowing me to have control over who got to see it. And since I was sending it directly to my friends/family, it eliminated the need for them to go to a blog to get updates. It’s crazy to think that even email is becoming an obsolete form of communication. Or if you still want your writing to be more public, maybe make use of your connections to see if you can get published in a journal or on a website, a la a guest blogger type thing.


  4. well, congratulations on the wedding and the baby! how exciting.
    i have never really rebranded my blog because it was always kind of a mess of everything anyway. i mean, you gotta do what’s right for you and what you feel like sharing.


  5. Congratulations, Alyssa! Best wishes to you, Brett, and the baby. Like others said, what’s shareable is up to you and Brett. It’s your journey together! Even without rebranding, people will come to your blog to read whatever you choose to write, because it’s about that relationship and authenticity more than a name.


  6. Congratulations, Alyssa! What an exciting time!
    I know next to nothing about rebranding, but I’m generally of the “if it feels authentic and right to you, it will feel authentic and right to your reader” camp. If that means taking some time to figure it out and not posting on a “schedule” for a little while, I say go for it.


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