WIAW #13



Welcome to the first WIAW of June, featuring the Monday kickoff of my second week of studying for the bar. I’ve got a bit less time to be creative in the kitchen around here, but while that means many repeat eats, they’re still delicious and (mostly) healthy, and I have managed to sneak in some seasonal specials, despite the very unseasonable weather that ushered in the week.


Pre-run breakfast: A Peanut Butter Puff-in-a-Mug with some strawberries and iced coffee, eaten at 8am while reading the paper and reading a few blogs. Like I said last Thursday, I’ve been eating this dessert-for-breakfast a LOT lately because it’s quick and easy. And my muffin-making has been lower than usual because I don’t want to heat my apartment or house by using the stove!


Gluten Free Peanut Butter Mug Cake



Post-run brunch: I left for my run around 9am when there was a lull in the rain and did 5 easy-paced miles in the drizzle, listening to the first hour of the day’s bar review course lecture with headphones. Once I got home and showered, I whipped up this Turkey Cheddar Omelet with mixed veggies and a couple of slices of Udi’s gluten-free toast with butter. I snacked on some grapes while I was cooking as well, and had another bowl of strawberries to follow. And a few handfuls of Angie’s popcorn straight from the bag, so sorry, but no photo! Eaten right at 11am, it was the perfect meal to fortify me for hours 2 and 3 of the lecture and some serious flashcard-making.


Udi's gluten free toast


Fresh strawberries


Afternoon snack: Around 2pm, I had a plain Greek yogurt with peanut butter mixed in, topped with the remains of a bag of Angie’s kettle corn, and a Granny Smith apple.


Greek yogurt with popcorn


Granny Smith apple


Dinner: My dad grilled Monday evening, so after a salad starter I had a salmon burger perfectly charred, with some tasty asparagus and a couple of rice and veggie grape leaves. To follow, I had a bowl of fresh watermelon, and a little cup of strawberry vanilla frozen yogurt, completing the perfect seasonal meal. If only we could have eaten outdoors on the deck – alas, the rain continued!


Cucumber salad


Gluten free salmon burger dinner


Strawberry vanilla frozen yogurt


Dessert: Okay, I know for most people frozen yogurt and watermelon is plenty for dessert, but after having our dinner and taking Sasha for a very drizzly after dinner walk, I was in the mood for something sweet and toasty. I decided to whip up one of my cinnamon tea cakes, and threw in a few dark chocolate chips for good measure.


Gluten Free Tea Cake


Chocolate Chip Gluten Free Cake



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12 thoughts on “WIAW #13

  1. You eat so healthy! I would be ashamed to do a WIAW post because I put cheese on everything. I make healthy meals and then destroy them by covering my veggies/turkey burgers/chicken with cheese. Everything in moderation I suppose!!


  2. That is so smart of you to listen to your lecture while you are on a run! I am currently taking an online class where my professor posts video lectures, so I often watch them while I am on the elliptical and it works out perfectly! I am off to go fine the recipe for your cinnamon tea cake because it looks amazing.


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