WIAW #8: Last Week of Class



Welcome to another round of WIAW, linking up with Jenn at Peas & Crayons and featuring my eats from Monday – the first day of my last week of school ever! 


Breakfast: I began Monday with a protein-packed plate of Turkey Cheddar Omelet with Food for Life gluten-free corn tortillas to make miniature breakfast wraps and a side of cucumber slices. There’s still dairy because I started my 21-day spring reset challenge a day late (on Tuesday). As of today (Wednesday) I’ve gone 24 hours sans dairy, and I’m pretty sure that’s a first for as far back as I can remember!


Turkey cheddar omelet


Gluten free corn tortilla























Lunch: As usual, a salad with chicken, goat cheese, a stuffed grape leaf, and strawberry balsamic dressing, and side snacks of baby carrot and a second apple and Greek yogurt taken to go. Except this is the last time that meal was taken to Columbia Law School, because this is my last week of class, which means it is my last week ever of school, something that is both incredibly exciting and also a little terrifying. Anyway, I ended up stirring a little peanut butter and a few blueberries into the yogurt for a PB&J yogurt parfait – no surprises there.































Afternoon snack: Another apple and yogurt and a few mini candies taken from one of the many student organizations that ‘table’ during lunch at law school, drawing in new members with bowls of candy. Usually I skip this, but I was feeling nostalgic over the course of the past week! I love Reese’s and dark chocolate, and the combo with berries and apples is a perfect little pick-me-up. As an aside, I really liked the new Chobani Raspberry Lemon flavor. (Clearly, this last day before the challenge was chock full of sugar.)






Dinner: One of my go-to Costco salmon burgers, oven-broiled and served with a couple of stuffed grape leaves and mixed veggies – the 365 Medley from Whole Foods. Shockingly, I found one item in that store that was reasonably priced, and I really like it because it includes edamame! Unfortunately I can’t actually let myself go to Whole Foods very much because I want to buy everything and it would totally break my budget, but this is a good bag of veggies to keep in your freezer. This meal also got me a little closer to the clean eating of the next few weeks…


Salmon burger and vegetables



Dessert: I tried frozen kefir for the first time since it was on sale during that dangerous trip to the new Upper East Side Whole Foods. It isn’t ice cream, but I didn’t dive in with a spoon thinking it was, so I was not surprised. It tastes like strawberry frozen yogurt, with a lighter texture like a non-dairy sorbet. It was refreshing and a tasty after-dinner dessert when I just wanted a little something sweet. I also had some fresh strawberries sliced on top!


Lifeway strawberry frozen kefir


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7 thoughts on “WIAW #8: Last Week of Class

  1. Happy WIAW! Thanks for sharing your eats – I love seeing what everyone’s eating. And I loveeee reese’s pb cups. How did you have just one – the fun size are so little? šŸ™‚


  2. Ahhhh your last week of school ever?! Your very last LDOC! I can hardly imagine being totally done. Good luck on all of your finals and to a much smaller degree, good luck on your reset challenge. I did something similar and I think it was really good for me šŸ™‚


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