Dinner with My Dad at Luc’s Cafe

Fairy lights make everything magical

Fairy lights make everything magical


One of the best parts of spring break was getting to spend quality time with my dog Sasha. Another was enjoying leisurely dinners with my dad (he would agree with this order – she’s got the whole family trained!) We share a love of art and history, and I probably got so interested in both because I grew up tagging along to galleries with him by day and watching documentaries on TV together late at night. One night, we decided to head over to Luc’s Cafe, a French brasserie close to Main Street that’s always bustling. The outdoor area is really pretty, with twinkly lights all around.





Bistro accoutrements

Bistro accoutrements


Inside there are photos all around of classic French scenes, and there’s a large map of France on the back wall. I like the decorations here because they blend in with the atmosphere, and aren’t too garish. Just enough to be quaint!






Mussels + frites

Mussels + frites

As the snow melts and hope springs eternal that winter is falling away, my dad figured it was his last chance to get a steaming mug of French onion soup and a toasty croque monsieur. I’m always happy to have mussels marinière. It combines one of my favorite seafoods, mussels, with a delicious white wine and garlic sauce – and a little butter, because everything tastes better with a little butter! My portion came with frites, of course, which were cut shoestring-style. Everything was quite tasty – I couldn’t partake in his dishes, of course, but he helped me polish off that giant vat of mussels!



Dark chocolate is heavenly

Dark chocolate is heavenly


We were a little full for dessert, but after heading home and taking an evening stroll in the neighborhood with Sasha, we each found room for a delectable piece of dark chocolate from Bridgewater Chocolates, another Connecticut institution. I went for a square of dark chocolate filled with sea salt and caramel. Yum!






All in all, it was a delicious meal and some great daddy-daughter time. What’s your favorite memory with you and your dad?




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2 thoughts on “Dinner with My Dad at Luc’s Cafe

  1. There is always room for a little dark chocolate! 🙂 One of my best memories of me and my dad is doing gymnastics together when I was little! He had been a gymnast so he helped me learn how to do a front handspring in our living room 🙂


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