A Blogging Break

I’m sorry for the abrupt hiatus here on the blog. I didn’t realize until yesterday that it’s been 2 weeks since my last post, when I talked about having to withdraw from the New York City Marathon this November. It was not my intention to take a blogging break after making that announcement. However, I’ve had a lot going on over the past couple of weeks. Lots of things in real life that have taken priority over posting, especially planning my wedding which is coming up at the end of September! Since I don’t want to be writing half-hearted posts, I’m planning to mostly take a blogging break now until after our wedding. That way I can come back strong, with lots of new ideas to share when I have the time to give writing and the blog the attention it deserves. I’ll still be reading and commenting on others, and I’ll be back writing again in about six weeks!







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Weekly Workouts and Weekend Updates: Frozen Edition 2/8-2/15

I’m coming at you a little later than usual this Monday with my weekly workouts and weekend updates. Having my office closed on President’s Day means I get to work from home and squeeze in some baking and blogging. It’s been a long week, and a cozy but absolutely arctic weekend, but there were some shorter runs and a lot of food to fuel them.

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Run. Eat. Listen. Watch. Read. 8/30/15

I’m back with the second round of Run. Eat. Listen. Watch. Read., which is basically a Link Love to gather up everything that’s caught my eye for the past couple of weeks. Go here to see the first round from the beginning of August, and read on to find out what I’ve been enjoying lately!


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Table8 Comes to NYC

I love to cook at home, but as a young soon-to-be professional in New York City dining out is one of the main ways I socialize outside of the Junior League and November Project. So I was intrigued by the arrival of Table8 in my city. Table8 is a restaurant reservation platform that allows you to book tables up to a few hours before you’re set to arrive, at restaurants that would probably laugh if you called them up to try and get a table that late! All users need to do is sign up with Table8 and scroll through a hand-picked list of restaurants, choose a time, and book a reservation, which is free if reservations are still available to the public. The key is that you’ll still be able to reserve a table if all the reservations available to the public are already spoken for, for a small fee of $20-$25 per table.



The restaurants available via Table8 are definitely on the trendier side. Diners in my age category are most likely to choose them in two situations. First, they may be dining out for work with clients or colleagues, and Table8 will allow them to throw together last-minute power lunches. As a summer associate at a law firm last year, I saw firsthand how quickly plans change and meals need to be adaptable.


And second, Table8 will aid in planning for special occasions. Many of the available restaurants would be wonderful dining experiences to give as a birthday gift. I know plenty of my friends would prefer a good meal with their nearest and dearest to a new handbag! But for young professionals with unpredictable work schedules and other demands on their time like volunteering or family obligations, it can be tough to pin people down far enough in advance to make such a meal happen. Table8 will allow for getting a celebration together even when the clock is ticking, and if the fee is split between 6-8 friends throwing a birthday dinner or celebrating another special occasion, it will end up being just a couple of dollars each.


New York is one of the newest cities added to the Table8 family, and you can check out the list of available restaurants here. Table8 is also up and running in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. So if you live in any of these cities and just can’t wait to try out a new dining hotspot, check out Table8 online or download the iPhone or Android app and give it a whirl.



Note: This is a sponsored post. As Renaissance Runner Girl grows, I will be exploring different opportunities for both personal and business growth that may come from blogging, and I very much appreciate and value your support as readers when I do so. All opinions expressed are solely my own, and I promise to provide my honest feedback!



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City Mouse, Country Mouse

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about life in a small town versus the big city. I live in New York City most of the time now, having done so for the past three years of law school, and I will continue to for the foreseeable future. But more and more I feel that I’m a country mouse at heart.


Ridgefield, Connecticut



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First Week of June + Dinner at the Eveready Diner

Happy Saturday, everyone! Hope all of your weekends are off to a great start. While the week started off pretty gloomy with lots of rain here in the northeast, it’s been a beautiful past couple of days and June is shaping up nicely, so I’m checking in about life lately – running, studying, and start-of-summer eats, including a trip to the Eveready Diner.


Despite the rain, I managed to get some good runs in this week. I did 6 miles each on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in Connecticut, on the roads near my house and the Rail Trail, and have a 4-mile race tomorrow in Central Park that I’ll add a mile to with jogging to the start. I was lucky on Monday that there was a lull in the storm in the morning – not so lucky later in the day when Sasha needed to go for a walk. We are both glad the sun has come out to play, though it looks like there might be a few storms in the coming week. A warm and dry puppy is always the happiest!


A sunny trail for my run...

Sasha wasn't sure if it had really stopped raining!
















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Return to Ferris Acres

A couple of weeks ago, I shared my first trip to Ferris Acres Creamery with you. It’s pretty obvious that ice cream is one of my main food groups, so a find like this is just the best thing! It’s the perfect distance from my family’s home in Connecticut – far enough that it won’t be a daily or weekly treat while I’m home studying for the bar exam this summer, but close enough to be an every-so-often sweet surprise. Last Saturday, my dad and I went for another round in honor of my law school graduation. On the actual day, I went to lunch with my parents and all four of my grandparents, but I ended up being a little sidelined on such a special day due to logistics and such (which was okay, because I love my family!) So I was happy to get this little moment of sunshine and sweet ice cream. Also, cows.


Ferris Acres Creamery Cows



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