Weekly Workouts and Updates 5/16-5/23

Sitting down to write this, it feels like forever since I’ve done a weekly workouts recap. It has been a few weeks, and that’s because I came down with a bad cold the last day of our trip to Maine and took about a week off, just getting back into it this past week. My mileage is slowly climbing upward, and I am looking forward to beginning marathon training in June. Let’s get to the weekly workouts, and I’ll share a few scenes from the weekend as well!



Central Park reservoir sunrise



Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: 5.4 miles

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: 5.4 miles

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: 9 miles

Sunday: 8.4 miles


Keeping in mind that I have pretty active rest days because I walk to and from work, and around the office during the workday, I was pretty happy with a 28.2 mile week. I wanted to get close to 30 miles/week this month, and there’s a very low chance I’ll be doing that since we’re coming up on June, but I think given my time off due to illness it’s all going to happen in good time. I got the two long runs in on the boardwalk at my boyfriend’s house on the beach this weekend, unexpected back-to-back jaunts. I have my initial consultation with Laura this week about marathon training so that’s the biggest thing on my mind where running is concerned.



Spring Lake beach boardwalk




The week was pretty low key other than running. I’m happy the weather is looking up – supposed to be 80s and sunny soon – but there was a lot of rain this week. I did some cooking experimentation, trying my hand at making potato crusted cod. I think I need a mandolin to slice the potatoes thinner, but the general concept is a good one.




Potato crusted fish and fries




In other cooking adventures, I made my baked sweet potato fries for dinner on Saturday night and they were a hit. I’m planning to try and cook more at home over the summer to take advantage of when we’re out of the city and have regular kitchens to work with, and to experiment with some summery recipes, so look out for those. And with that, I’ll see you Wednesday!









Does your running routine get sidetracked by the sniffles?


Does your weekly mileage remain consistent or go up and down?


Is the late spring-into-summer weather emerging where you live?








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11 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts and Updates 5/16-5/23

  1. Lately weekly mileage has been about the same. Right now, that we’re in Ireland, I try to get in a few miles wherever possible because we shift staying spots every couple days or so. :))) But, if I’m really sick I usually don’t go running. That potato crusted cod looks really really good. How did you make it?


  2. I love sweet potato fries? What recipe did you use? It’s hard sometimes to get them very crispy and not mushy when making them at home. That potato crusted cod looks so good!
    My mileage usually stays pretty consistent, in fact usually too consistent when I’m not training for a race because I fall into a nice groove with it. Excited to start training you for the marathon soon!


  3. I think we are starting to get warmer weather this week too! My mileage usually stays pretty consistent but if I have a weekend away or a race it may change. I am feeling like my allergies have been acting up lately and I am hoping they don’t cause me to have to cut back on my running!


  4. Great job on your wk of workouts. I usually stay pretty consistent w my mileage when I am not training for anything. That way when I am, it’s not too overwhelming. I’m looking forward to this wk after having it rain all last wk.


  5. Other than a few races, my running has been almost nonexistent, especially during the week. The rainy weather and my overall laziness held me back, but now I’m ready to finally pick up the pieces! Nice job with your workouts! I’m going to Maine for Memorial Day weekend so I’m going to check out your post!


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