WIAW # 57: Cook It In A Pan

You may have seen these recent eats on Instagram, but in all the time it took to recap my Maine adventures, I didn’t get around to sharing my eats for the past two weeks. This WIAW for a Wednesday back in NYC is the time to fix that! Breakfast was a one pan scramble with three eggs, Swiss cheese, sautéed spinach, spinach and garlic chicken sausage, and a slice of Udi’s gluten free toast. I don’t eat “gluten free” foods very much but my dad bought a loaf of Udi’s on sale at Costco and gave it to me so I’ve been enjoying a slice with breakfast or brinner for the past week.



Chicken sausage eggs and spinach




Morning snacks consisted of an apple and a yogurt with peanut butter and Kay’s gluten free apple cinnamon cereal swirled in. I used an old photo, but I’ve started buying the cereal again because I eat that and the protein pretzels for a pre run snack in the morning. Those are some of the only foods I can stomach close to running that provide a good mix of carbs and protein for fuel.



2% Greek yogurt with apple cinnamon O's




For lunch, I treated myself to the Little Beet. Grilled chicken, string beans, and an incredibly tasty quinoa, cippolini onion, and sunchoke salad. I love that the spring menu has finally arrived, with new vegetable sides for the season. Since this is typically my go-to lunch spot when I buy it once a week rather than brown bag, it’s nice to change it up.




Little Beet chicken, string beans and sunchokes

Little Beet sides




For an afternoon snack, some sweet potato chips, carrots, and hummus. Again, an old photo, but it’s rare that I remember to snap one while I’m at work.




Sweet potato chips, hummus and carrots





Dinner was a repeat of a meal I cooked last Saturday night for Brett and I. Broiled wild salmon, sautéed spinach with garlic and pecorino cheese, and homemade paprika sweet potato wedge fries. I usually cook on weeknights, but we tend to eat out on weekends when we stick around the city, and since that can get expensive we’ve decided to make a point of using a free Saturday or Sunday evening to enjoy having time to cook and relax. Since I don’t experiment much during the week after getting home from work and wanting to just throw a quick dinner together, it’s also a chance to try new dishes.





Salmon sweet potato fries and spinach




For dessert, a grain free Banana Bread Blondie with peanut butter cup ice cream. Ice cream is the reason I find it difficult to cut back on dairy. Not that I don’t find it tough to go without yogurt or cheese, but on vacation I’m happy to do without those, whereas ice cream is a daily occurrence




Grain Free Banana Bread Blondie with vanilla ice cream







What’s your go-to one-pan meal?


Do you tend to cook more or eat out on weekends?


Favorite spring vegetable?










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15 thoughts on “WIAW # 57: Cook It In A Pan

  1. On vacation I can’t not have ice cream – even if it’s the dead of winter and I’m in VT haha! I need to check out that little beet place next time I’m in the city!


  2. I love your breakfast. I’m a big egg eater and never think to add chicken sausage to the mix. I may just have to try it out. My favorite one pan meal is definitely a quick beef chili with beans, tomatoes & whatever veggies I have on hand!


  3. I don’t eat much “gluten free food” either – just plenty of food that is, in fact, gluten free. Still working on bread, though, since I have not found a commercial one I like… and it is handy to have around.

    I’m loving sauteed spinach, this time of year… isn’t it great?


  4. I’ve never heard of Kay’s gluten free cereal? Do you think you could get it in Colorado? I would love to try it! It’s always a good idea to end the day with ice cream. We got some ice cream today. It reminds me of your epic ice cream and sprinkles.


  5. In the winter we tend to cook more at home. During the summer I’m more in the mood to go out, but I do like having the extra time on the weekends to try a new recipe. Love The Little Beat! I need to go check out their spring menu!


  6. I definitely cook more during the week but lately I don’t even feel like cooking at all lol. It’s the weather , I know, but I can’t get in habit of not cooking! Love ice cream and desserts as you do, so I understand! I’ll never be vegan bc of it!


  7. I love that I had never heard of that type of onion in your salad and have never had sunchokes – new items to check out!
    I would say my eating out falls more so on weekends. I usually end up taking myself out for a lunch to just get out of the house.
    I hope you are enjoying settling back into the routine of being back home and enjoying your home eats again!


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