Holiday Weekly Workouts and Updates 12/22-12/28

It’s the last Monday of 2015, but with the extraordinarily warm week of Christmas we just experienced in New England, my holiday weekly workouts and updates are looking a little more like April than December. I ran outside 4 days and wore shorts and a tee or tank every time, walked my dog in shorts and flip-flops on Christmas Eve, and didn’t even bring a coat when my family went to see Star Wars and go for sushi on Christmas Day. I baked while we caught the end of the A Christmas Story marathon on TV, and we made frozen hot chocolate to drink with the treats. Whatever the reason, I’m not complaining. I love a snowy white holiday season, but it’s been nice to spend so much time outdoors!


hanukah bush



When I got back to Connecticut this week, I put out our Hanukkah bush. It’s a little late, and we already had our family Hanukkah dinner on the first night in NYC, but I like to make it festive. Plus it’s nice to have something lighting your windows on Christmas Eve. I also made my annual holiday trip to Deborah Ann’s chocolate shop in Ridgefield to see the festive displays and sample some seasonal treats. Which included ice cream this year, because #globalwarming. And Sasha was happy to be out and about in town no matter the weather.



Deborah Ann's

Sasha in Ridgefield



I got a bunch of new running gear for Hanukkah, but I’ve only been able to try out the Darn Tough and compression socks. The long-sleeved tech top has been good for lounging, and the mittens probably won’t see any pavement time for a few weeks.


Jingle bell gift bag

Hanukkah running gear gifts



As for my workouts, I was able to do some extra yoga at home and take a lot of family walks with Sasha in addition to my runs, which is one of the things I enjoy most about coming home for the holidays. 


Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: 5 miles at 10:26/mile pace

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: 7 miles at 11:14/mile pace

Friday: 30 minutes yoga, long walk in town with Sasha

Saturday: 8 miles at 10:27/mile pace

Sunday: 6 miles at 11:08/mile pace


I’m winding down my running schedule now, and keeping the runs very easy, because in ten days I leave for Walt Disney World Marathon weekend in Florida. I ran the half marathon last year, my second half and first Disney race, and this time around my whole family is going to be running! I’m doing both the 10K on Friday and the half marathon Saturday, like what I did at the Dumbo Double Dare in August.



Disneyland 10k


I haven’t followed any particular training plan, but I decided to let the 11.4 miles I ran on Ted Corbitt 15K day suffice as my final “long run”, cutting back to top out at 8 miles last weekend and this weekend. I am also planning to run the Fred Lebow Half Marathon two weeks after Florida, so I feel like reducing the mileage is necessary to prevent any injuries, my main goal for the first few months of 2016.



Ridgefield Rec Center



I’m planning to keep relaxing and letting my body and mind recharge this week after an autumn of big changes. I’ve done a lot of running in 2015, with 16 races and more than 100 miles on the pavement each month. Now it’s time for lots of time with family and old friends, long walks and easy runs, reading, and watching important movies like Miracle on 34th Street and Frozen and taking quizzes that tell me my Disney spirit character is Anna. I’m ready to see what the new year brings, but in no rush to speed the next few days of peace and quiet before all the adventures I’m sure 2016 will bring!






How were your Christmas week celebrations?


Are you enjoying the warmer weather?


Are you keeping your regular workout schedule during the holidays?









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4 thoughts on “Holiday Weekly Workouts and Updates 12/22-12/28

  1. My favorite part about this post is your last paragraph. Stay true to who you are it’s lovely and diverse. I wish I could do a marathon but honestly don’t know how great that would be for my body haha so happy for you and how you can do something like that. Rock on girl!


  2. It’s been cold as crap on the west coast and I feel like I dragged all the would-be cold weather from the east coast back over here with me! :O Sasha is so adorable! ❤

    Hope you have a super awesome new year! :]


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