Taking a Vacation

As I mentioned in my April monthly recap, one of the things I was looking forward to most this May was a trip to Maine. If I’m lucky, you’ll be reading these thoughts on taking a vacation when I’m already en route to my Maine getaway – or maybe even at our destination! I’ve decided that I’m actually going to take a short blogging break while I’m away, because I’d like to use the opportunity to unwind and disconnect not just from work (aka my day job as a lawyer) but also the other “work” that I do in my daily life.



I’m the first to say that I have a wonderful life. I have degrees from fantastic educational institutions that led to a good job in a high-paying field, I live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan (albeit the part normal people live in!) near family and a support system of many close friends, I’m in a loving and committed relationship, I have time for running and my many experiments in gluten free baking, and I get to share it all on this blog. 




Central Park reservoir sunrise




But no matter how great you have it, life can get overwhelming when things get crazy. You find yourself over-scheduled or just rushing from place to place, and you lose sight of the little moments that make for a happier day. I try to take a beat when I’m stressed to stop and appreciate those moments every morning, like a beautiful sunrise around the Central Park reservoir on my run, or on Park Avenue on my walk to work. As one of my favorite movie characters said, life moves pretty fast, and if you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you might miss it.





Park avenue spring sunrise




Sometimes it takes more than a contemplative moment to make sure you’re appreciating life to the fullest. It could mean a day off from the daily grind, or a weekend at home. Or, in this case, a vacation. A departure from a life in a city that’s incredible to live in at this point in my young life but can feel somewhat claustrophobic when you want time and space to breathe. Time to take the focus off a job which, while I am incredibly lucky to have it, has a tendency to dominate not just my weekdays but much of my mental space in general, and from the accompanying thoughts of where my career/future/general life plans currently are and might be going.





Hans Christian Andersen statue in Central park





To that end, I’m taking a vacation this time in a different way than I have in the recent past. When I was traveling after the bar exam, I blogged from the road in London, the English Lake District, and Oxford; Anaheim, San Diego, and Los Angeles; and Nashville, Tennessee. I didn’t really think of these trips as vacations. I thought of them as travels, whether to old places to visit old friends, or new places to visit old friends! When I went to Florida to run the Walt Disney World Half Marathon last year and this year, I recapped while I was still in the thick of my race-cations. Maine is different. Maine is a vacation. It’s not a place to explore lots of new sights (although I’m looking forward to trying some new restaurants and seeing it through Brett’s eyes for the first time, it’s a place with childhood memories and favorites for me). It’s not a race destination. It’s a place to take a real step back from reality and relax. That means putting the laptop away too, so while I’m there you won’t see me posting regularly. Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing the sights, eats and treats when I return. Stay tuned for next Wednesday, and adieu until then!





Pink tulips in Central Park










Do you blog regularly when you’re on vacation?


How often do you try to disconnect?


How long are your “blogging breaks”?










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14 thoughts on “Taking a Vacation

  1. I 100% agree that life can get crazy, even when it’s SO WONDERFUL. Crazy isn’t bad, but it does mean that rest is definitely needed. Have a wonderful vacation!!! ā¤


  2. I hope you have an awesome vacation! I think you’re on the right path with the unplugging. I didn’t bring my laptop to California early this year but had posts scheduled. It was “freeing” to not need to flip open a computer to type, although I do love writing. Plus, when you live in the city, I think a rest and reset time is MORE than needed šŸ™‚


  3. Enjoy!! I’m so jealous. This year I have been fortunate to have many getaway opportunities that involved a true disconnect from social media and work – and I have more to come. So I have really become reacquainted with the sadness of having to go back to life as usual after a vacation. But when I get that feeling, I smile to myself, because I know it means I had an opportunity I am grateful for.

    That said, my getaways have been a lot like your usual travels – bouncing around a lot and lots of action – and it sometimes leaves me feeling like I need a vacation from my vacation. I’m hoping this summer I have more relaxing getaway time, even if that means a good ol’ staycation.


  4. Have a wonderful and relaxing trip to Maine! I completely agree with the desire to break from blogging during vacation. When my husband and I took a week to visit London I lined up guest posters and just took a break – vacations are too valuable to fill with any sort of work! Enjoy all of the sights and treats!


  5. I love this post, and am definitely with you on taking a break sometimes even if life is good and treating you well (which I’m glad it has been! <3!) If I have time, I usually schedule posts into the future when I know I'm going to be busy or gone. I do not like blogging when I'm on my vacation, haha. It's vacation for a reason! šŸ˜›

    Maine is such a gorgeous place! :] I hope you have a ton of fun and get lots of rest and relaxation in! I'm looking forward to reading about it!


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  7. I’m late to this Portland trip news, haha. This post is so true. My boyfriend travels for work all the time and while he gets to stay at hotels and dine out and occasionally spend a day as a tourist, it’s not the same as a relaxing vacation.

    If you’re looking for places to relax in Portland, hit up the Eastern Promenade and Willard Beach. Perfect for gorgeous views and relaxing sunshine and sand. (Our dog especially loves these places, haha)


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