WIAW #56: Home for a Saturday

In this WIAW, I’m showcasing my eats from a Saturday that included a short morning run, one of my closest friends’ bridal showers, and dinner at my family’s house in Connecticut. About 45 minutes before my run, I had a mug of warm lemon water and an apple with peanut butter.



Granny Smith apple and peanut butter




After my run, I enjoyed an omelet stuffed with turkey and Asiago cheese and three slices of Udi’s toast, along with a couple of mugs of decaf coffee. I had some strawberries and honeydew too.


Turkey Asiago omelet and Udi's toast

Strawberries and honeydew




After I got ready to go, I snacked on a plain Greek yogurt with peanut butter and raspberries stirred in. I was pretty hungry, and while I was sure the food at the shower would be lovely, I also didn’t know if I’d be able to eat much of it. Given my particular combination of allergies it’s typical for my only options to be a fruit and veggie platter and maybe some hummus or cheese. When you’re heading out for the whole afternoon and don’t know what your options are going to be, you want to be prepared with more than an emergency Larabar in your purse!




Yogurt, peanut butter and raspberries




When I arrived at the shower, I discovered that I needn’t have worried. While I couldn’t partake in the appetizers, there was a lovely tomato salad and a mixed vegetable dish, as well as some sesame seed salmon, arrayed on the luncheon buffet. The delectable desserts were off limits as all had gluten, but they did look lovely! The bride-to-be’s mother did an amazing job, and I didn’t go hungry that afternoon.


Sesame seed salmon and steamed vegetables

Bridal shower dessert table





Still, I usually snack a lot, and since I didn’t, I was hungry by the time dinner rolled around. I was happy to tuck in to grilled halibut, a baked sweet potato, and a pile of broccoli rabe with my parents. Dessert was ice cream, of course. 




Halibut, sweet potato and broccoli rabe

Caramel ice cream










If you have food allergies, how do you handle eating at parties?


Favorite meal to make at home?


Best post run brunch combination?








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14 thoughts on “WIAW #56: Home for a Saturday

  1. Every time I see your pictures of ice cream you make me want some:) I have been baking cookies almost every week so that’s been our dessert. For brunch I always got with bacon and eggs, but I love when they have some kind of bread or pastry to go with it!


  2. I’m so glad that you were pleasantly surprised by food you could eat. Actually, God has been merciful to our church, because many of us have allergies, so they always bake/cook gluten/dairy free options for showers as well as regular food. The people who have allergies are always provided for which is such a blessing. Mm… I haven’t had Kirkland Peanut Butter in so long.


  3. Wow. The bride-to-be’s mother definitely did well. Look at that dessert table!!
    I’m very glad they at least had some things you could eat – I can imagine how hard social outings would be when you have dietary restrictions, or at least the extra planning they take before hand.
    Your omelette looks perfect. My brunch would include eggs and cinnamon buns 🙂


  4. I’m totally with you on the food allergies and parties thing. I often eat a snack before I head to parties, and I also often bring a dish to share.
    One of my favorite meals to make at home is fried rice. It’s also an awesome post-workout recovery meal, with lots of easily digested carbs, protein, and sodium!


  5. That’s awesome that you were able to find options at the bridal shower! I’m not allergic to dairy, but lactose intolerant to the point that most dairy is a total no-no. It’s really only tough when the food being served is something very cheesy like pizza. I don’t have a favorite after-run brunch, usually I’ll eat whatever I can scrounge up that’s in the fridge and quick to make!


  6. That halibut and sweet potato dinner looks delectable! That’s great you were able to find food to eat at the bridal shower. At my wedding I tried to accommodate all of the guests’ allergies, but one guest didn’t tell me about his gluten allergy because it didn’t want to make anything hard on us – but I felt so bad that none of the desserts were gluten free! If I had known I would have made sure we had some GF cupcakes. That’s the beauty of dessert tables – you can make options available for everyone if you try!


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