Gluten Free Maine: Bam Bam and Burgers

I’m back from my trip Down East, and it’s time for a week of Maine-related posts here on the blog. Five days in Maine spent in Portland, Freeport, and Kennebunkport, eating lots of delicious seafood and sweet treats, exploring the Atlantic coastline, and shopping at my version of Mecca (the L.L. Bean store complex) made for a wonderful vacation. To kick off the recaps, I’m starting with a post on two of my gluten free Portland discoveries, Bam Bam Bakery and B. Good Burger.



Bam Bam Bakery Portland




As you may have seen on Instagram, my first stop at Bam Bam Bakery was on the way back from my run down by the Portland waterfront on Friday morning. I had read about the bakery, but had no idea where it was, so it was a nice surprise to literally run into it! We were staying at a bed and breakfast, so I decided to head back there first to eat breakfast with Brett before coming back to the bakery for breakfast-dessert. It’s a thing in my world.




Bam Bam Bakery Portland



When we returned after breakfast, I decided to try a peanut butter cookie, while Brett went for the cranberry almond oatmeal. Both were delicious, according to him. And I enjoyed mine so much I picked up a peanut butter cookie with chocolate chunks for after lunch! The next morning, I went back to buy a sugar cookie with M&M’s and a regular chocolate chip cookie so we could say we tried all four kinds (three non-nut for me).



Bam Bam Bakery Portland




One of the great things about Bam Bam Bakery, in addition to it being an entirely gluten free facility, was the fact that they had little cards next to all the dessert items listing other potential allergens like tree nuts or peanuts, dairy, soy lethicin, and coconut. In addition to cookies, they had brownies and bars, savory items like quiche and tamale pies, and original specialities like Funky Monkey cookies and vegan chocolate “bombs” with sprinkles. There was also a daily bread loaf available for purchase.



Bam Bam Bakery Portland




I mentioned I went back to Bam Bam after lunch on Friday. Well, lunch took place at another amazing Portland find called B. Good Burger. You know how much I love Bareburger. Well, I think this place gives it a run for its money. I had a deliciously juicy turkey burger, available either in a bowl of crisp veggies or atop a gluten-free bun, along with the best sweet potato fries I’ve ever had. We actually went back on Saturday and tried different burgers and the regular fries. 



B. Good Burger Portland




Everything on the B. Good menu is organic and ingredients are literally locally sourced. At the Old Port outpost of this small Northeastern chain, they had photos on the walls of the farmers who grow their ingredients and the brewers and wineries who provide the drinks. Their taglines include “food made by humans, not factories” and “real food made by real humans” which I am definitely on board with.






I’ll be back tomorrow to share some more great eats from Portland, and later in the week with other trip happenings and some posts about Kennebunkport!






Have you ever been to Portland, Maine?


If you have allergies, do you research restaurants before you travel?


Which treat would you want to try most at Bam Bam?










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11 thoughts on “Gluten Free Maine: Bam Bam and Burgers

  1. Mmm, those cookies look delicious! Is that your secret talent, finding awesome bakeries? πŸ˜‰
    The East Coast (New England States) is definitely on my bucket list, but the States have to wait for another year. This year it’s Japan. πŸ™‚


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