WIAW #24: Baby Shower Eats and Treats

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I’m sharing my eats from Saturday, when I fueled up with a post-run brunch at home before heading out to spend the rest of the day at my best friend’s baby shower! The baby shower eats and treats were wonderful, and I was so grateful to the grandma-to-be for really making it special. First off, though, brunch after a 6-mile run.


pumpkin goat cheese salad


I started with a salad composed of the Dole Very Veggie Blend, some toasted pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, pumpkin goat cheese that I picked up last week, and honey mustard dressing. Perfect for a brunch on a day that began to ease Connecticut into autumn. To follow, I had two Van’s gluten free waffles with some fresh blueberries and maple syrup and scrambled eggs.



Gluten free blueberry waffles and eggs



I taste tested a muffin afterwards, just to be sure they were perfect for the baby shower. I had decided to bring a batch of Peanut Butter Confetti Muffins and another of Dark Chocolate Cupcakes, gluten-free and also a little lower in sugar so the mama-to-be could have them as a sweet and healthy breakfast for the next few days 🙂 


Peanut Butter Confetti Muffins 2



My friend’s parents were hosting the baby shower at their home for her and her husband. After brunch, I went over to help set up, around 12pm, with the treats in tow.  I found some adorable bunny and chick toppers, which worked great with the muffins but went a little honey-I-shrunk-the-bunnies in the cupcakes. I think the dark chocolate centers may have swallowed them…


Peanut Butter Confetti Muffins

Chocolate Cupcakes Baby Shower




When I arrived, I took over some of the decorating including making adorable tissue paper pompoms to hang up and scatter around. The aunt-to-be, my friend’s younger sister, did an awesome job finding baby boy decorations on Etsy. Everything was blue or bunny-themed, and it was all adorable, including the bunny cake that my friend’s mom ordered from a local bakery. There were lots of appetizers and finger foods before the dessert, like mini hot dogs, quiches, and phyllo pastries, but I didn’t get photos – I remember eating about two dozen cocktail shrimp, veggies, and many cubes of delicious cheese though.


baby shower

Bunny cake

baby shower cookies



I hope my friend and her husband had a wonderful time. I’m so excited for their new little addition to arrive. She’s going to be a great mom – she’s already such a thoughtful friend, she had a belated birthday gift for me because we hadn’t seen each other for more than a quick bite out since July. She knows me so well – sparkly and pink gifts! I can’t wait to meet her little boy, he’ll be just as amazing as his mom. For a baby gift, I actually made a book on Shutterfly about her and how she and her husband met, using photos from growing up and their wedding alongside a little rhyming story I wrote. I hope he enjoys reading it one day.


running tank top

baby shower




I arrived home in the evening satisfied with how the shower had gone and not too hungry, but knowing I should eat some dinner or I’d wake up ravenous in the middle of the night. I ended up with leftovers from the prior evening, when I went with my family to Hoodoo Brown BBQ, a new Southern-style barbecue restaurant in Ridgefield. We’d gotten takeout from them before for dinner, and I went with their mouthwateringly delicious smoked turkey again with a side of Apple Vinegar Coleslaw. The photos below are from the actual restaurant, where I had put away a solid half-pound of the turkey!


Hoodoo Brown BBQ



To end the day, a cup of pumpkin ice cream that I picked up during the week on my pumpkin trip to the grocery store. A sweet treat to end a very sweet day.


Pumpkin ice cream






Have you ever hosted a baby shower?


What do you think good themes would be for a boy or a girl?


Any ideas on what to cook for the Mom and Dad when baby arrives?







© 2015 Renaissance Runner Girl. All rights reserved.

13 thoughts on “WIAW #24: Baby Shower Eats and Treats

  1. I totally want a Peter Rabbit themed baby shower, and a Winnie the Pooh shower if I’m lucky enough to have two kids. I think they’re both pretty gender neutral but would also be super fun to decorate!


  2. What a great post. I loved that you used sprinkles on so many things, they make everything just a little better! Also, what a thoughtful book you made for the parents-to-be:) For thoughts on foods to take to the new parents, I just took a food package to a new mommy friend of mine and I have to say I think taking homemade food to people is one of the nicest things as we so appreciated it when people did it for us. A great meal is: Slow cooker pulled pork (they can eat it for a few days in sandwiches, salads,etc.), a huge batch of twice baked potatoes, three bean salad and bread of some kind. Happy Wednesday to you!


    • Wow, such awesome ideas! So not my area of expertise, I’m guessing you are Southern from the food, but good thinking on the batches of meals. The mama really likes breakfast foods so maybe I can whip up a giant frittata or pancake platter 🙂


  3. I have never hosted a baby shower, but I know with three boys I will be hosting one in the near future!!!! I have seen so many reveal baby showers lately and they look so fun a litttle of both worlds. Quick heat up lots of leftover meals that are somewhat neutral (not too spicy, too sweet, too gassy). You are a great friend


    • Haha it’s funny, I didn’t figure out how to edit photos at all until the summer, and I don’t take the time to edit WIAW photos – but my breakfasts are somehow more attractive than the recipes I do painstakingly try to photograph 🙂


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