Weekly Workouts and a New Running Routine 11/2-11/9

On Friday, I got an e-mail informing me that my one-year domain name registration was set to expire in a month. I was confused at first, since when I moved to my self-hosted website I registered with my hosting service for two years, not one. But then I remembered, back to last December, when I wrote my first post and wasn’t sure if the whole blogging thing was going to be a passing whim or an enduring part of my life. Here were are, 11 months and a few days in, so I guess the answer is clear! I’ll be writing a one-year mark reflection when the time comes, and look out this week for a sharing of my very first recipe for a Pumpkin PoufflĂ©. In the meantime, on to my weekly workouts and a new running routine!


Wandering by Alice in Central Park

Wandering by Alice in Central Park


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Weekend Updates and the Poland Springs 5M Marathon Kickoff

It’s Monday, and the start of my second week at my new job. I was nervous last week and I have to say, those nerves haven’t totally disappeared, but it’s becoming more real every day. This weekend wasn’t about work, however – it was all about enjoying the autumn weather, seeing friends, whipping up new recipes, and running the Poland Springs 5M Marathon Kickoff in Central Park, Race #7 of the 9 I need this year to qualify for next year’s New York City Marathon. On Saturday, I went for a little stroll in Central Park when I woke up in the morning. Since I was last here, they finished renovating a playground near the East 72nd Street entrance. No more scaffolding!


Central Park in fall


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Weekly Workouts and Updates 8/3-8/10

Happy Sunday, everyone! It’s time for my usual recap of weekly workouts and updates. I’ll start with workouts, which I guess are technically training at this point, since the Dumbo Double Dare is under 4 weeks away! 


Weekly Workouts:

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: 6.7 miles

Wednesday: 5.3 miles

Thursday: Rest day

Friday: 6 miles

Saturday: 9 miles

Sunday: Rest day (planned)


This week was pretty average in terms of running, with a total of 4 running days and 27 miles averaging out to 6.5 miles per run. I had planned to try and run 5 days this week, or at least 3 days back to back to prepare for Dumbo. Then I ended up running much more last week than I expected, and was a little sore by the middle of this one so decided to keep it easy. My first week in England will mostly be spent walking and hiking in the Lake District, and I’ll be back to running the second week – exploring London by foot and running a 10K in Hyde Park with two friends! I wanted to both build up a good mileage base for Dumbo and be used to running multiple days in a row, but since I cut back unexpectedly due to my stitch, and am traveling during what would be the highest intensity training time, I will probably end up taking the half a bit slower than planned. And I’m okay with that. Because it’s supposed to be two days of racing for fun!



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Weekly Workouts and Updates 7/27-8/2

Hello and happy Sunday, everyone! I am a lot cheerier today than I have been in awhile because my ~10 weeks of freedom began last Wednesday night. It’s time for a recap of the week that got me to this lovely point, starting with my weekly workouts and ending with weekend updates.


Summer sky


Weekly Workouts

Monday: 6.3 miles

Tuesday: Bar Exam

Wednesday: Bar Exam

Thursday: 7 miles

Friday: 8 miles

Saturday: Rest Day

Sunday: 6 miles (planned)


Despite the heat and humidity I was grateful for my pre-exam run Monday and post-exam outing Thursday to let the stress literally sweat out of me! I was a little nervous Friday since I got my stitch removed on Thursday afternoon and the site was sore. But I did a good job taking care of the site, and my doctor said as long as I kept a Band-Aid on and wrapped it tightly for runs, it would be fine. The trade-off for running is a small circular scar instead of a thinner straight line, but I have lots of scars anyway. I’m just happy to be running and getting back on track because Dumbo is in just over a month! And as part of my training, one of my college friends who I’ll be staying with in England signed us up to run a 10K in Hyde Park together which should be lots of fun.


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Birthday Weekend Eats and Treats

Just checking in to share a few of my birthday eats and treats from yesterday. I shared a few snapshots from my pre-birthday dinner on Saturday, but wanted to showcase a few more and bask in my birthday glow a little longer. And also, it gave me something to do today while I prepare to take the New York Bar Exam tomorrow and Wednesday. I decided treating this test like a race was the best idea, and that tapering was a good call, so I spaced out my studies and gave myself plenty of time, and took most of the weekend off from Friday through this morning. This afternoon, I’ll review a bit more before having dinner and getting to bed at a decent hour (we have to be at the test center at 7:30am tomorrow, so I need to leave my apartment by 6:30am). I’ll check back in when it’s all over, but until then, I leave you with these morsels of deliciousness…

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Weekly Updates 7/13-7/20 and a Monkey Wrench

Hello and happy Monday, everyone! This heat makes me crave ALL THE FRUIT but sometimes you need a little substance to start your morning and week off right, so I tossed some blueberries and bananas into my Peanut Butter Puff-in-a-Mug this morning and paired it with fresh strawberries and iced coffee for a filling pre-workout breakfast. Apologies for the photo – I couldn’t help digging in before I snapped one!


Peanut Butter Puff-in-a-Mug

Peanut Butter Puff-in-a-Mug



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Weekly Workouts + Updates 7/6-7/13

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I’m checking in with my usual Monday recap of weekly workouts and updates. I’ll be honest, the past week I’ve been feeling pretty drained. Not physically, like I was the prior week, but mentally. Studying for the bar has gotten to the point where my mind is exhausted, and I feel like if I try to put any more information in one ear, something is going to spill out the other. Plus, I think the weird weather in Connecticut the past week got to me (we had bad humidity and rain for most of the week, although the weekend cleared up and as the sun came out so did my happy thoughts!) My attitude until then was similar to Sasha’s when it’s hot. 




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Weekly Workouts + Fourth of July Weekend Recap

Hope everyone had a fabulous Fourth of July weekend filled with family, friends, food and fun. I’m checking in at the start of this week to share my weekly workouts and a Fourth of July weekend recap! My weekend was low-key, and that was lovely. It started off with a ‘freedom’ run. Not just to do with the holiday, but because I ran without headphones, meaning no music and no bar exam lectures, and without any particular distance in mind. I ran when I felt like it, at the speed I felt like, slowing to a walk occasionally. In the end I probably jogged about 5 miles and walked 1 around the hilly Ridgefield roads and at the recreation center.


9/11 Memorial at the Rec Center

9/11 Memorial at the Rec Center on the Fourth of July


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Weekly Workouts and the NYRR Pride Run

Happy Monday to one and all, and hope your weekends were sufficiently summery and filled with family, friends, fun, and food. Mine certainly was, from my volunteer shift at New York Road Runners on Friday afternoon, through my Saturday morning NYRR 5-Mile Pride Run race and a relaxing dinner with family back in Connecticut. But first, a recap of my weekly workouts!


Harlem Meer on my long run day

Harlem Meer on my long run day


Monday: Rest day (much needed after last week’s mileage)

Tuesday: 7 miles

Wednesday: 30 minutes of yoga + 5 mile walk (I typically mention walking as a workout only when it’s a dedicated walk like this, since I walk so much)

Thursday: 9 miles 

Friday: Rest day – NYRR Volunteer Shift

Saturday: 7 miles (5M race + 1 mile jog to and from)

Sunday: 4 miles 


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Weekly Workouts + Updates 6/15-6/21

Happy Monday, everyone! It’s time to send some weekly workouts + updates your way. As of yesterday, it is officially summer. For me that means studying for the bar, yes, but also means that in just over a month, the bar exam will be over and I’ll have some late summer travel time that I’m really looking forward to. What makes it feel the most like summer though, is the knowledge that this is my last June when “school’s out” – at least when it’s me that is the one in school! My diploma arrived last week, making it all feel very official. Even though my high school Latin hasn’t stuck with me long enough, they even sent along a translation 🙂


Law school diploma


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