Celebrating Brett’s Birthday

I am a girl who enjoys her birthday. I’ve never wanted a big party, but I like the feeling of having family or a few close friends get together to share a special day with you, and I definitely like that my birthday means funfetti cake and ice cream. When I thought about how best to celebrate Brett’s birthday in the low-key way that we both prefer, I tried to figure out what the equivalent of my beloved funfetti might be for him. The answer? Taking him to Big Daddy’s, a decades-themed diner on the Upper East Side that serves tuna melts and tater tots, burgers and shakes, and keeps it easy for the gluten free girl who wants to enjoy her burger on her boyfriend’s birthday.



Big Daddy's Birthday



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WIAW #54: A Rungry Sunday

I’ve shared the depths of my runger on this blog many times, first in a WIAW last July and most recently in one featuring my New York City Half Marathon weekend eats. Today’s WIAW is from another rungry Sunday, this past one, when I ran the MORE Women’s Half Marathon and subsequently was so demanding where food and drink were concerned that I thought my boyfriend was going to lose it. Luckily, he’s a trooper and puts up with me and my runger 🙂



4-17-16 Post Half Food Insta



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Weekly Recap and the MORE Women’s Half Marathon

Yesterday, I ran my third half marathon of 2016 at the MORE Women’s Half Marathon in Central Park. I’ll share my weekly workouts and then get to the race recap and other scenes from the weekend. Actually, first I’m going to show you all this beautiful creature I spotted on my walk home from work on Tuesday, because puppies are priorities. But after that!



Samoyed near Central Park


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