A Visit to the Getty Villa

Today’s post is the last in the series of my California adventure! Read more about what I was up to in Disneyland here and here, running the Disneyland 10K and Half Marathon, and my time in San Diego here and here. And now, on to my final day on the west coast, primarily occupied by a the Getty Villa in the Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles.


A view of the Pacific from the steps to the Villa

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Working Up A Sweat in San Diego

Happy Sunday! As you read this, I am en route back to Connecticut after nine days in sunny Southern California. My days at Disneyland were filled with fun, food, and running, from my arrival and the Expo to discovering the parks on day two to running the Disneyland 10K and Disneyland Half Marathon to complete the Dumbo Double Dare. On Labor Day, I took a drive with my friend Ashley down to her hometown of San Diego for another five days of adventure. It was toasty on the way down, and by Tuesday morning we realized that I had come at the start of the hottest weather San Diego has had all year. But that didn’t stop us from running and exploring. We were on our way to working up a sweat in San Diego!


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Five Things Friday: The Tide of Summer

Growing up, I would walk along the beach in Connecticut or down the Cape or coastal Maine, right at the tide line where the ocean meets the sand. The waves lap over rocks and seashells, and every few steps I’d bend down to check one out and maybe take it home for my collection (even now, I still open little boxes and purses in my bedroom at home that have been hiding in corners, and find pieces of shells, with a few grains of sand nestling in the edges). It seemed to me that the ocean made the land move, making more of it at low tide and then taking over again as the tide crept high. 


Kennebunk beach


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Five Ways to Shake Off Study Stress

This Friday, I’m sharing a few ways I’ve realized are great for taking a step back when studying for a big exam and putting everything in perspective. I don’t often “stress” about a test, but I can get bogged down in the midst of preparing and start to feel generally gloomy. Each of these things helps me to feel what I rationally know is true – that this test, right now, might be dominating the present, but it’s really just a blip in the grand scheme of life. That’s really helpful to me, a forest-through-the-trees kind of girl. Just a quick note that I left eats and exercise out of this little roundup – while long runs and rising early to greet the dawn can do wonders for the soul, and there’s nothing like a healthy helping of dessert in the form of frozen treats as comfort food, the following list focuses on other things 🙂


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