Five Things Friday: Fruity Fun and Sunny Runs

Hello everyone, and happy almost-weekend! It’s time for another round of Five Things Friday, which as usual will focus on running and eats – but jazzed up by summer sun and cravings.

1. Summer Fruits: Whether berries, melon, or stone fruits, I’m constantly craving fruit. I’ve always been big on fruit, but in the winter I mostly stick to apples and bananas because that’s what’s available locally, so I love it when juicy strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries, perfectly ripe peaches and plums, and mouthwatering melons are in season. I happily eat all of these unadorned, but sometimes I’ll get inspired to whip up a recipe involving them, like an oatmeal cake or frozen parfait. Peaches n’ Cream or Strawberry Fields, anyone?



Fresh strawberries




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Five Things Friday #5: Strawberry Fields Forever

This Five Things Friday is all about strawberries, my favorite fruit for as long as I can remember. Which may shock those of you who notice all my apple-eating in my WIAW posts, but apples aren’t as seasonal and they’re less expensive, so strawberries are a spring and summer treat I look forward to! They’re delicious unadorned and plucked from wild branches, they melt in your mouth when bathed in cream (and washed down with Champagne, the ultimate luxurious treat), and of course, they make for wonderful ice cream. Emack and Bolio’s strawberry ice cream with rainbow sprinkles was my childhood number one, after all! Here are just a few of the strawberries I’ve been loving lately, including my new Strawberry Fields Oatmeal Cake.



A Strawberry Fields Oatmeal Cake, the perfect way to incorporate early summer berries into a hearty, gluten free breakfast.



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