Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Nostalgia and a Summer Storm




This Thursday, I’m thinking out loud about a random assortment of things. Some from running, others studying, and some brought on by the storm that flashed over the Northeast on Tuesday!

For starters, I got all nostalgic during some of my runs over the last week or two not because of any retro races, but because of all the graduation signs and balloons posted on front lawns around the town where I grew up. It’s been six years since I graduated high school, but sometimes it feels like just yesterday, whereas others it feels like a lifetime ago. Seeing these signs definitely brought out the latter! It is weird to think that a whole quarter of my life thus far has happened in between. Time really flies… My class always joked that we were ‘the last of the O’s’ because we were the class of 2009 – but pretty soon, kids who were BORN in the 2000s will be graduating and oh my goodness what has happened to make time go by so fast?


Ridgefield High School Graduation



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