Running To My Own Beat

This post about running without music originally appeared on FitApproach last Friday. I had no idea they were going to publish it so I wasn’t able to promote it like I should have been, but it’s something I’ve thought about a lot and I hope it inspires some of you to give it a try!


Wind whistling against the leaves, birds chirping high in the trees, sneakers hitting the pavement with every step I take. These are the sounds I hear as I run along in the morning. In spring and early summer, there was more buzzing from the bees. Now that it’s autumn, the falling leaves dominate nature’s symphony, punctuated occasionally by the loud crack of an acorn hitting the ground.


Fall foliage in Ridgefield, Connecticut


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Rail Trail Ramblings + A Blackberry Bramble Oatmeal Cake

Happy long weekend, everyone! I am spending Memorial Day at my family home in Connecticut. It’s likely that I’ll be splitting time between there and Manhattan for the next few months, because it’s much nicer to study for the bar exam in a big airy house with a Sasha for puppy therapy than in a New York apartment. I’ll be in the city to see friends, get in November Project workouts here and there, and go to Summer Stage concerts and such, but you’ll be seeing a lot more New England summer scenery in my weekly updates and running routes! Last week, I got in a mix of workout lengths and locales. 5 miles on Monday in Manhattan, 6 miles Wednesday, and 8 miles yesterday here. These are just some glimpses from my ramblings on the Ridgefield Rail Trail on a late spring Sunday!




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