Celebrating Brett’s Birthday

I am a girl who enjoys her birthday. I’ve never wanted a big party, but I like the feeling of having family or a few close friends get together to share a special day with you, and I definitely like that my birthday means funfetti cake and ice cream. When I thought about how best to celebrate Brett’s birthday in the low-key way that we both prefer, I tried to figure out what the equivalent of my beloved funfetti might be for him. The answer? Taking him to Big Daddy’s, a decades-themed diner on the Upper East Side that serves tuna melts and tater tots, burgers and shakes, and keeps it easy for the gluten free girl who wants to enjoy her burger on her boyfriend’s birthday.



Big Daddy's Birthday



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Thoughts on the Dumbo Double Dare

To wrap up my Disneyland adventure, I’m sharing my final thoughts on the Dumbo Double Dare challenge, just as I did back in January when I ran the Disney World Half Marathon and shared my final musings on the experience. In case you’ve missed them, here are my posts on each day at Disneyland:

First Day at Disneyland

Day Two at Disneyland

Disneyland 10K Race Recap

Disneyland Half Marathon Race Recap




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Disneyland 10K Race Recap

Good morning, and happy Tuesday! Today I’m sharing my Disneyland 10K race recap, the first part of the Dumbo Double Dare. My first day at Disneyland and Day Two flew by, and before I knew it Saturday morning arrived with a bright and early 4:15am alarm. We got up, got dressed, and left our hotel around 4:40, making the 20-minute trek to the corrals along with lots of other runners staying in hotels along Harbor Boulevard in Anaheim. I really enjoyed being able to get up “later” at the California Disney races versus those in Florida – still being on East Coast time made it feel early, but not unreasonably so!


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Disneyland Take Two

The second day of my Disneyland Adventuring was even better than the first. As I mentioned, I woke up absurdly early on Friday, but I used the time to unpack and get settled and arrived at Disneyland Park as they were letting people on to Main Street. I had never been in a Disney park at rope drop – people get really crazy, running to their favorite rides! I strolled over to Dumbo first because I figured I needed to give my childhood favorite a whirl in my Dumbo race shirt.


Disneyland Dumbo


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Confetti Crispie Clouds

My grandfather traveled all over the world during his career as an engineer, working on projects in Taiwan and Tokyo as often as in the tri-state area. When I was growing up, he told me stories about the exotic sights to see and different dress of the people he encountered. He loved it. But he was never one for foreign food. Every morning, he wanted his bowl of Rice Krispies with a glass of cold milk poured over them to set them snap, crackle, and pop-ping away. Sometimes he’d add a banana or some sliced strawberries, but that’s as much of a twist as he would accept. So when he went to Asia on assignment, the hotels would stock imported Rice Krispies so he could stick to his regular routine.


Colorful and gluten free Confetti Crispie Clouds, perfect for a party or a snack all your own.



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