Quinoa Flake Breakfast Bake

When I featured this breakfast on Instagram and in my “behind the Instagram” WIAW post, I got a lot of comments about how delicious it looked and requests for a recipe. I pointed people to my recipe for a Baked Quinoa Flax Cake, but realized that since beginning to use quinoa flakes instead of oats for my baked breakfast cakes a few months ago, I’ve been experimenting and varying ingredients just like I used to with my oatmeal cakes. My current favorite version is a little different than the recipe I posted in January, and now I’m sharing it here. This Quinoa Flake Breakfast Bake is the perfect grain free way to begin your day, and also a neat little vehicle for peanut butter, chocolate chips, fruity jam, or other delicacies to make their mark on your morning.



A gluten and dairy free breakfast bake made with quinoa flakes, customizable and easy to make ahead for breakfast to go!



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