WIAW #63

This WIAW is all about some eats from Fourth of July weekend. I didn’t photograph a full day on any one day, so it’s a bit of a grab bag – all delicious. I started most of the days with a pre run snack of a Larabar and apple, then moved on to a post run brunch of 4-5 scrambled eggs with turkey or ham and cheese and slices off a loaf of Le Pain Quotidien’s gluten free seeded bread.



scrambled eggs, turkey and le pain quotidien gluten free bread


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WIAW #49: Saturday Sweets

In today’s WIAW, you’ll see a lot of eats I posted on Instagram over the weekend (although this isn’t a complete Behind the Instagram like last week). I just ended up sharing most of my meals from Saturday in photo form, and it was a recipe shoot day to boot, which meant lots of snacking on sweets directly from my oven. Starting with breakfast. In addition to my lemon water, Larabar, and cup of tea before my run, I had a Buckwheat & Quinoa Banana Muffin – recipe coming this Friday!



Larabar and tea


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Eating Gluten Free in England

Hello and happy Wednesday! I returned yesterday from my fortnight-long excursion across the pond, and I hope you all enjoyed following along with me as much as I loved being there. In case you missed anything so far…

My Pond Hopping Trip

Part 1: First Days in London

Part 2: Hiking and Eating in the Lake District

Part 3: More Lakes Adventures and Fun

Part 4: Workouts and Running Hyde Park

10 Tips For Running in London


Tomorrow I’ll be sharing my further thoughts on the trip as a whole, but since this is the day of the week when lots of us like to showcase our eats, I figured I’d take the opportunity to talk about what it was like to eat gluten free in England, both in London and in the countryside.


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Sunday Run n’ Brunch Fun

At the start

At the start


This morning I woke up to blessedly sunny skies and an absence of snowflakes. Dare I say that spring is finally here? Well, I don’t personally want to jinx it, but my Sunday began with an aptly titled Spring Meltdown 10k in Central Park. In the two weeks since the NYC Half Marathon, I’ve been taking it easy, with just a few 4-5 mile runs each week at a slow pace, because I aggravated some dormant knee and hip injuries during that race. This morning wasn’t much different, as I ran purely to get back in the swing of things (and metaphorically run in the spring). While the air was brisk, running in the sun was a treat.




After the finish

After the finish

My moderate workouts also meant that I missed November Project Wednesdays for a few weeks, so I had a blast this morning knowing that my friend Kaitlin was also running. Even though we just met last month, one of the awesome things about NP is how fast you get to know people (I think it has something to do with the hugs). After the race, we had plans to head out for brunch. I think I speak for both of us when I say that running and refueling with delicious eats is pretty much the epitome of a perfect Sunday morning!



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