WIAW #10: Food and Precious Free Time



This WIAW features a day of eats from something rare in my life lately (and promising to be for the next few months). Between last Wednesday’s final exam in one law school course, and tomorrow, when I start to prepare for grad ball, graduation, and bar exam prep, I’ve had free time to do whatever I wish. Meaning running, cooking up healthy and delicious eats all day (no snack packs on the go), and hitting a favorite spot for dinner out on a weeknight!


Pre-run snack: A PB&J Oatmeal Cake and an iced coffee. I got up early and let this bake while I started to get my bar review materials organized (oh joy, oh bliss!) I didn’t end up going for a run yesterday until a little later in the morning than usual, around 10am, so I had the time to eat and digest. I was glad I had a fairly substantial snack, because it was so beautiful outside I ended up turning my planned 5-miler into a gorgeous, easy-paced 8 miles!


PB&J Oatmeal Cake



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