WIAW #23



Happy Wednesday! It’s time to showcase another day of eats, this time a Tuesday when I was happy to be home after my California adventures. Nothing says home to me like a plate of pancakes for breakfast, so some of my favorite gluten free fluffy pancakes were in order, with scrambled eggs and berries and maple syrup.


Pancakes and eggs



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Easy Greek-Style Summer Salad

With all the heat and humidity of summer in full swing come August, I’m in the habit of making refreshing yet hearty salads as the base of many meals. I love salads all year round – they’re just especially awesome around this time! Today I’m sharing a recipe for one I enjoy frequently, my Greek-style summer salad that incorporates feta cheese and dolmades (grape leaves filled with rice, vegetables, and olive oil). I tend to use the Frankly Fresh dolmades sold at Costco but they’re sold in most grocery stores! I’ve featured it in many WIAW posts, so regular readers will find it familiar. It’s easy to toss together in five minutes and pleasing to the eye as well as the palate, and contains plenty of fresh veggies, healthy fats, carbs and protein to fuel a summer on the go. 


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