Peanut Butter Cup Muffins

Yesterday, I was snowbound in my apartment post-run since my school cancelled classes after 3pm and through today. So in other news, even though it wasn’t really a Snowpocalypse, it was a SNOW DAY! Of course, rather than use the time to get ahead on reading for school, I decided to organize the kitchen cupboards and test out some recipes. I was rooting around and found an unopened jar of powdered peanut butter that I bought on a whim. I’ve found it tough to bake with regular peanut butter because it sticks in globs rather than spreading evenly throughout batter, so figured I might try the powdered version. Turns out, it works wonderfully well as the key ingredient for these darling and delicious Peanut Butter Cup Muffins!


Deliciously gluten free peanut butter cup muffins, bursting with gooey peanut butter and dark chocolate chips.


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