Weekly Workouts and Weekend Updates: Frozen Edition 2/8-2/15

I’m coming at you a little later than usual this Monday with my weekly workouts and weekend updates. Having my office closed on President’s Day means I get to work from home and squeeze in some baking and blogging. It’s been a long week, and a cozy but absolutely arctic weekend, but there were some shorter runs and a lot of food to fuel them.

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Dessert for Days

This Thursday, I’m not thinking about too much too serious (except for contracts law, which nobody feels like thinking about unless they have to!) Instead, I’m thinking about dessert. Of which I eat a lot. While I like both sweet and savory foods, my taste buds definitely tilt to the sweeter side. Most of my oatmeal cakes and muffins could qualify as dessert, except I eat them in the morning and call them breakfast. I eat sweet snacks all day, and I always like to end both lunch and dinner with something sweet, whether it’s fruit, ice cream, or baked treats. Or, more commonly, all three! I try to keep the processed sugars in check, but since I don’t actually eat many processed sugars or carbs other than what I make myself for dessert, I like to say it’s all about balance. For example, my gluten free ice cream cone from Ferris Acres last Saturday – that balanced out a whole day of healthy eats beforehand!


Gluten Free Ice Cream Cone



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WIAW #11: Getting Ready to Graduate



This Tuesday’s eats were all over the map. I was in the midst of preparing for my law school graduation tomorrow (!!!) so that I wouldn’t be rushing around today to get anything ready. I found time for a lovely morning run yesterday though, and managed to whip up a lot of healthy mini-meals to get me through the day. Whenever I’m looking forward to something, or I’m nervous, I feel hungry but not in the mood for anything major, so it ended up working out okay. And here goes my WIAW!


Breakfast: I got up early and let this Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Cake bake, while I finished gathering up my outfit for graduation and laying it out so I’m prepared. I wasn’t sure if I would need to steam it and didn’t want to leave it to the last minute! I had my meal at 8am and then tied up a few other odds and ends before heading out for a run. 




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