WIAW #62

This week’s WIAW features my usual weekend eats when I’m spending a summer weekend at my parents’ house in Connecticut, as I did this past weekend. It’s typically an apple and peanut butter, an apple and homemade muffin, or apple and Larabar before my Saturday long run. Usually in the summer I will eat a lighter snack because the heat makes it harder for me to digest before getting out there, but as I get into marathon training I’m trying to figure out the right balance of fueling well without it feeling like too much. This time it was half an apple and two Apple Cinnamon Flax Muffin Bites with peanut butter.



Apple Cinnamon Flax Muffin Bites



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Five Things Friday: Frozen Treats

And we’re back with Five Things Friday! I haven’t done one of these in awhile, mostly because there’s been so much else to talk about here with you. But now that I’m in the thick of bar studying, it’s about time to share some of the the frozen treats that sweeten up my daily eats.You had to know this one was coming. Now that June is in full swing, it’s high season for ice cream and other such sweets. Whether it’s a few scoops of my favorite flavors at the local ice cream shop, making my own sundae at home, or trying out new frozen treats, I am taking full advantage.


1. Ice Cream Cones:

One of my favorite activities on a summer evening is taking a trip to the local ice cream shop for a scoop of one of my favorite flavors. At Ferris Acres I can even nab a gluten free cone! Wherever I go, I always top my treat with rainbow sprinkles for some extra pizzazz. I tend to choose my favorite flavors consistently – these include Moose Tracks and Strawberry at Emack & Bolio’s, Raspberry Fudge Swirl with a sweet cream base at Ferris Acres, Cherry Vanilla at Deborah Ann’s, and pretty much any berry-and-dark-chocolate-chunk combo you can think of anywhere. 


Raspberry Fudge Swirl at Deborah Anns

Raspberry Fudge Swirl

Cherry Vanilla Cone at Ferris Acres

Cherry Vanilla Cone at Ferris Acres












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Life Lately: June Edition



This Thursday, I’m thinking out loud in the style of the Currently posts that have been floating around the blogosphere lately. After seeing these posts from Julie, Amanda, Tina, and more, I decided to share my own current things, because that’s what thinking out loud is all about anyway. So here is my Life Lately: June Edition!


Current Book: Unfortunately, my stack of BarBri bad boys to prep for the New York bar exam in July. But I am always re-reading my favorite summer book before falling asleep. It’s called The Big House, and it’s about a family that built a grand summer home on Cape Cod at the turn of the last century, and all of the ways the family members’ lives became entwined with the house. I spent childhood summers down the Cape with my grandparents and have always loved any book to do with Cape history. Even though I won’t be back this summer, it’s a lovely reminder of the spirit of the place. 


The Big House


Current Music: My favorite summer mix including lots of Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum, Sugarland, Matt Nathanson, and most recently Gloriana and Alex & Sierra. I have ‘Scarecrow’ on repeat a lot!

Current TV Show: I’ve been re-watching Hart of Dixie and Parks and Rec on Netflix later in the evenings after finishing up with studying for the day. It’s nice to unwind to something familiar and relatively upbeat.

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From Memorial Day to Wrapping Up May

This May seems like it really flew by, with a highlight reel including the end of law school, time with friends and family, some awesome runs, fun new recipes, and treats while out on the town. On Monday we will be ushering in June, so although there’s still a full weekend left (including a 10K race for me tomorrow!) I figured it was high time for a recap of this month. 



Law School Graduation


On May 6, I took my last ever final exam of law school. After four years of high school, three years of college, and three years of law school, it’s all over. I could hardly believe it when it happened. It felt so surreal. And on May 21st, I graduated! I went through commencement with my family in attendance, wearing a ridiculous outfit and loving every minute.










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Dessert for Days

This Thursday, I’m not thinking about too much too serious (except for contracts law, which nobody feels like thinking about unless they have to!) Instead, I’m thinking about dessert. Of which I eat a lot. While I like both sweet and savory foods, my taste buds definitely tilt to the sweeter side. Most of my oatmeal cakes and muffins could qualify as dessert, except I eat them in the morning and call them breakfast. I eat sweet snacks all day, and I always like to end both lunch and dinner with something sweet, whether it’s fruit, ice cream, or baked treats. Or, more commonly, all three! I try to keep the processed sugars in check, but since I don’t actually eat many processed sugars or carbs other than what I make myself for dessert, I like to say it’s all about balance. For example, my gluten free ice cream cone from Ferris Acres last Saturday – that balanced out a whole day of healthy eats beforehand!


Gluten Free Ice Cream Cone



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Return to Ferris Acres

A couple of weeks ago, I shared my first trip to Ferris Acres Creamery with you. It’s pretty obvious that ice cream is one of my main food groups, so a find like this is just the best thing! It’s the perfect distance from my family’s home in Connecticut – far enough that it won’t be a daily or weekly treat while I’m home studying for the bar exam this summer, but close enough to be an every-so-often sweet surprise. Last Saturday, my dad and I went for another round in honor of my law school graduation. On the actual day, I went to lunch with my parents and all four of my grandparents, but I ended up being a little sidelined on such a special day due to logistics and such (which was okay, because I love my family!) So I was happy to get this little moment of sunshine and sweet ice cream. Also, cows.


Ferris Acres Creamery Cows



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Acres of Ice Cream

This weekend was filled with low-key food and fun, from family meals to the banana bread oatmeal cake I concocted for a Mother’s Day treat. But that wasn’t all I enjoyed! On Saturday evening, my family took a (very short) road trip up to Newton, Conn. to pay a visit to Ferris Acres, a dairy and creamery owned and operated by the Ferris family. I’ve shared my ice cream obsession before, in my weekly WIAW posts, from the first trip to Emack and Bolio’s of the season to the sundaes I dish up at home, and in the way I eat ice cream even when it’s colder outside than it is inside the freezer! When I’m in Connecticut, my family are frequent patrons of a few local ice cream shops in our own town, including Deborah Ann’s and Ridgefield Ice Cream. My love of ice cream is definitely inherited, although we all prefer different flavors. So what better after-dinner drive for a family affair than to check out Ferris Acres Ice Cream?


Ferris Acres Ice Cream


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