A Whirlwind Weekend in Florida

I’m back from a whirlwind weekend in Florida, where I spent a day with Mickey Mouse, enjoyed my favorite allergy free Mickey treats, and got to experience another kind of family vacation for the first time. The trip was last minute. I didn’t expect to be back in Disney so soon after January’s 10k and half marathon. But with multiple birthdays and anniversaries in my boyfriend’s family, a day in the Magic Kingdom was planned to celebrate and we couldn’t pass up the chance at that. 


Disney's Boardwalk



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February Recap

The shortest month of this Leap Year has come and gone. Even with the extra day it felt like it flew by faster than January, but also like it went on forever because of everything I fit into 29 days. Maybe also because the wacky weather gave us multiple seasons in mere days. No blizzards, but we went from polar vortex to teasingly springlike and back to somewhere in the middle just in the last week. So what did I do while this was going on? Read on in this February recap to find out!


Central Park in snow


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Running A Disney Half Marathon in Florida or California

Wrapping up my recap of the 2016 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend, where I ran the 10k and half marathon races, I figured today is the perfect time to talk about the differences between running a Disney half marathon in Florida or California. I’ve now run two half marathons in Florida and one in California, and a 10k in each. By no means am I an expert – there are many runners who make it their mission to run all the Disney races, and I have no intention of doing that, because my wallet can’t take it! But having run at the marquee race weekend at each location in the past year, there are a lot of things I can share that any runner debating between the two should think about.


Walt Disney World Half Marathon 2015


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Disneyland Take Two

The second day of my Disneyland Adventuring was even better than the first. As I mentioned, I woke up absurdly early on Friday, but I used the time to unpack and get settled and arrived at Disneyland Park as they were letting people on to Main Street. I had never been in a Disney park at rope drop – people get really crazy, running to their favorite rides! I strolled over to Dumbo first because I figured I needed to give my childhood favorite a whirl in my Dumbo race shirt.


Disneyland Dumbo


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