Five: A Random Blog Survey

After seeing this survey on Julie’s, Brittany’s, and Courtney’s blogs, I thought it would be fun to fill out myself. Especially after wistfully glancing over the photos of travel locations and jamming to the music selections! I decided to go alphabetically in each section, but there are shout-outs to a few of my number ones 🙂

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Run. Eat. Listen. Watch. Read. 8/30/15

I’m back with the second round of Run. Eat. Listen. Watch. Read., which is basically a Link Love to gather up everything that’s caught my eye for the past couple of weeks. Go here to see the first round from the beginning of August, and read on to find out what I’ve been enjoying lately!


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Life Lately: June Edition



This Thursday, I’m thinking out loud in the style of the Currently posts that have been floating around the blogosphere lately. After seeing these posts from Julie, Amanda, Tina, and more, I decided to share my own current things, because that’s what thinking out loud is all about anyway. So here is my Life Lately: June Edition!


Current Book: Unfortunately, my stack of BarBri bad boys to prep for the New York bar exam in July. But I am always re-reading my favorite summer book before falling asleep. It’s called The Big House, and it’s about a family that built a grand summer home on Cape Cod at the turn of the last century, and all of the ways the family members’ lives became entwined with the house. I spent childhood summers down the Cape with my grandparents and have always loved any book to do with Cape history. Even though I won’t be back this summer, it’s a lovely reminder of the spirit of the place. 


The Big House


Current Music: My favorite summer mix including lots of Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum, Sugarland, Matt Nathanson, and most recently Gloriana and Alex & Sierra. I have ‘Scarecrow’ on repeat a lot!

Current TV Show: I’ve been re-watching Hart of Dixie and Parks and Rec on Netflix later in the evenings after finishing up with studying for the day. It’s nice to unwind to something familiar and relatively upbeat.

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Christmas in Connecticut

Most of the time, I write about life in Manhattan, the busiest borough in one of the liveliest cities in the world. But the idea of “home” for me has a split personality…or, as I prefer to think of it, a multifaceted meaning appropriate to a renaissance runner girl! I am a native of both New York and Connecticut, and in truth consider myself both a city mouse and a country mouse. I love the lights and bustle of the city, the unparalleled arts scene and the holiday season merrymaking. But I am equally enthralled by this time of year in ‘the country’ at my home in Connecticut.


Ridgefield, Conn. is probably not ‘the country’ to anyone who hails from a rural area. But it’s far enough from the main line of Metro North, away from Long Island Sound and into the hills, to feel like a peaceful place even while resting at the outer fringe of the city’s orbit. It’s closer to Litchfield (and Stars Hollow, if my dreams came true and it really existed) than to the metropolis. And while it’s a town with a substantial population and its fair share of commerce, our Main Street is the very picture of an ideal place for a holiday stroll in Americana.



Town Hall with Nutcrackers standing sentry

Town Hall with Nutcrackers standing sentry


My favorite bookstore in the area

My favorite bookstore in the area



The streetlamps are wrapped in holly and tied up with red bows. Trees are strung with white lights, and Christmas ornaments and Hanukah dreidels sparkle in shop windows.






Santa's sleigh

Santa’s sleigh




Santa’s sleigh is filled with gifts, and nearby are shops where you can both buy presents for loved ones and donate to philanthropic causes in the holiday spirit.







There is simply no more magical place to take a holiday stroll. At the end, a steaming mug of cocoa with a candy cane to swirl in awaits!


The best sweetshop in Connecticut...cocoa, and candy cane ice cream for the brave!

The best sweetshop in Connecticut…cocoa, and candy cane ice cream for the brave!



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