WIAW #52: Workday Eats

This week’s WIAW is all about what I eat on a typical workday. After showcasing a half marathon weekend of eats, and one relaxing at my childhood home in Connecticut, I figured it was time to show you what happens most days of the week. It can’t be all amazing diner brunches and ice cream twice a day (although that’s necessary when it happens). Most days, it’s packed lunches and easy to prep dinners, although I always leave room for some sweet treats too…


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WIAW #36

Another Wednesday, another WIAW. Except that usually I’d expect to be sharing mugs of hot cocoa to stave off the winter chill, when in reality we’ve been having a bit of an Indian Summer spell this December in New York City and what I’d really like most of the time is a bowl of fresh berries! Which luckily I got this week, at breakfast for a work seminar. I had a slice of smoked salmon quiche beforehand since it’s usually just bagels, but the fruit was a nice surprise.


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Banana Bread Blondies

Tis’ the season for bananas. At least it is in my book, because with summer long past and fresh berries and melon a distant, mouthwatering memory, apples and bananas become my go-to fruits. I eat a lot of apples whole or sliced with some peanut butter. Bananas, on the other hand, I’m not a huge fan of plain, and I tend to eat them alone only after a race when they’re the only gluten and nut-free snack available! So how do I incorporate them? Well, I take those bananas and put them into bread or brownies.  And sometimes, while I’m whipping up such treats, I accidentally create a new one, like these grain free Banana Bread Blondies.


Deliciously dense, moist banana bread blondies, grain free, dairy free, and a perfect winter treat.


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