Apple Butter Tea Cake

In the past week, I’ve visited all three locations of Alice’s Tea Cup with friends. No matter what, it’s always the right time for tea and cake. This gorgeous weather puts me in the mood for iced tea, and it’s a lovely place to chat. It also means I’ve watched three friends munch on their delicious scones while I contemplated making my first attempt a gluten-free scone recipe! In the meantime, I’ve been experimenting with my tea cakes…


Alice's Tea Cup

Rooibos Tea List


My friend Shannon's scone

My friend Shannon’s scone

My iced Wedding Chai tea with honey

My iced Wedding Chai tea with honey





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May Weekend Updates

Hope everyone’s weekend was as lovely as mine! I kept it pretty low-key, taking advantage of the gorgeous weather to bask in the sun on a long Saturday run and a few Sunday walks – alone, with friends, and with family and dog in tow. While I did have to study for my one final exam coming up, the little time I spent in front of the computer doing practice questions was punctuated by far lengthier study breaks. Here a few weekend updates, sharing the highlights…


Central Park Reservoir

Can’t stop posting photos of the reservoir. Too gorgeous lately!

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Time for Tea

As an undergraduate in England, I didn’t affect an accent or give up celebrating Thanksgiving or the Fourth of July – my favorite holidays happen to be the most patriotic ones! But I did acquire the quintessentially British tea habit. I didn’t stop for “elevenses” tea and biscuits, but every day around five o’ clock my friends would gather together to shoot the breeze over a cup of tea. Even now, I find myself offering to put the kettle on whenever a soothing beverage is called for, if a friend is in distress or if it’s simply ghastly weather!

An Alice's Teapot

An Alice’s Teapot


I often go to meet friends for tea instead of grabbing a cup of coffee – it just feels so much more relaxing! I frequent a few neighborhood haunts. My go-to is Alice’s Tea Cup, whimsical and with a vast selection of teas, from the traditional to the exotic! My favorites are the rooibos teas – especially the red vanilla.



A wonderful birthday gift from a dear friend

A wonderful birthday gift from a dear friend


For a more casual stop-by, Chatime has great iced teas (and bubble tea if you’re into that sort of thing!) and of course, Teavana and David’s Tea. In fact, my friends know me so well that they stopped by the latter to pick up a birthday gift over the summer…my very own kettle with birthday balloons!




Of course, one of my best friends also picked up a few teacup shot glasses...23 should be dignified, after all!

Of course, one of my best friends also picked up a few teacup shot glasses…23 should be dignified, after all!

For more tips on tea in NYC, feel free to post in the comments! And special thanks to Emmeline Plews for beginning my teatime tradition five years ago.

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