WIAW #64: Wedding Eats

This WIAW covers a Saturday that began with post run brunch in New York City and ended at a wedding with perhaps the most food I’ve ever seen in one room. Unfortunately I was too busy to get many photos, but I hope my description does it justice! Anyway, brunch was two gluten free waffles along with a spinach and Cheddar cheese omelet.



Van's gluten free waffles and spinach and cheese omelet



Once we arrived in the town where the wedding was held, we stopped for lunch at a restaurant called the Famished Frog. I’d just eaten brunch an hour and a half before, but I had enough room for a satisfying Turkey Cobb Salad with turkey, applewood smoked bacon, feta, cranberries, and apples in a white balsamic vinaigrette.



Turkey cobb salad




After the ceremony, a Granny Smith apple was necessary to tide me over until the reception. Once we arrived, I wished I hadn’t eaten it because there were so many delicious treats to choose from, but then again, when you’re marathon training it’s important to listen to your body and eat when you’re hungry!




Granny Smith apple




The reception itself featured crudités and fruit, a dozen different cheeses, every kind of smoked and cured meat and fish you can think of, a raw bar, sushi, a carving station, a macaroni and cheese station, and even more. I had three or four plates but just got a photo of the first one with smoked salmon, prosciutto, mozzarella, and fruits and veggies. Afterwards was a trip to the raw bar for lots of fresh seafood, hand made mozzarella and burrata, and more melon. I was stuffed by the time dessert rolled around, but Brett enjoyed it 🙂 And at the end of the night, there were slices of cake and jars of pasta sauce to take home as party favors.




prosciutto, fruit and veggies

salmon, potatoes au gratin and vegetables

Pasta sauce wedding favor








Favorite brunch after a long run?


Biggest wedding you’ve attended?


Best food you’ve had at a wedding?











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7 thoughts on “WIAW #64: Wedding Eats

  1. I can never do brunch, because I usually want breakfast and lunch, haha! The food from the evening looks fantastic! I love when weddings/receptions serve unique foods. The pasta as a party flavor is a genius idea!


  2. Wow, that looks AMAZING! My favorite brunch with one little snack before hand is probably waffles or pancakes with ALL the toppings. That wedding looks amazing! Some of the best reception food I’ve had was actually at a really small reception that was held at Maggiano’s. It was a 6 or 7 course meal. O_O


  3. Sounds like an awesome wedding–and an expensive one! I’m glad you had such a good time. I think the best food I ever had at a wedding was when my friend decided to have a pie bar for their wedding and asked each of her girlfriends to bake two pies. That was not only delicious, but also a super-cute idea for a wedding!


  4. Now I really want waffles. ;_; + those wedding eats look super tasty! I want all the fruits. ❤

    I think the biggest wedding I've been to had ~200-ish people? Best food I remember ever having was actually from my cousin's engagement party–the beef wellington was so good! *-*


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