WIAW #63

This WIAW is all about some eats from Fourth of July weekend. I didn’t photograph a full day on any one day, so it’s a bit of a grab bag – all delicious. I started most of the days with a pre run snack of a Larabar and apple, then moved on to a post run brunch of 4-5 scrambled eggs with turkey or ham and cheese and slices off a loaf of Le Pain Quotidien’s gluten free seeded bread.



scrambled eggs, turkey and le pain quotidien gluten free bread



Lunch on Sunday started with some shrimp cocktail, cheese, and fruits and veggies, and moved on to barbecued chicken and corn on the cob. For dessert, we brought big cookies from Zaro’s Bakery in New York, and there were some festive cakes as well.



Fourth of July Cake  Smiley face cookies




For dinner back in the city on Monday, I made chicken burgers with sautéed spinach and roasted potatoes, and we had ice cream for dessert. I meant to get some patriotic red white and blue sprinkles, but we finished the rainbow ones instead. They’re always celebratory 🙂




Chicken burger, spinach and roasted potatoes

Vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles









Favorite Fourth of July food?


Did you have any fun party eats this weekend?


Does your appetite decrease in the heat?













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8 thoughts on “WIAW #63

  1. Sometimes my appetite decreases in the eat; it depends on my activity level.

    Are those cookies gluten free? They look so good! WE had these really amazing steaks on the 4th of July, and I had sweet potato salad for the first time, a new favorite. 🙂


  2. Those cookies look so good! I love black and whites! For fourth of July I enjoyed some chicken and shrimp kebobs. I love anything grilled – especially kebobs and turkey burgers and fish! And ice cream.


  3. Those cookies look amazing! I love all bbq type food and desserts but love having ice cream sundaes on the 4th. As a kid that was a tradition when we had friends and family over. My mom put toppings out and we could create our own. YUM!


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