Weekly Workouts and Updates 6/27-7/3

Happy Fourth of July to one and all! Today is the first Fourth I’ll spend in Manhattan, meeting up with some friends for ice cream and a stroll in the park and watching the fireworks over the river tonight with Brett. We went to a barbecue at a family friend’s house outside the city yesterday, so it’s the best of both worlds. I’ll recap my weekly workouts and then some scenes from Sunday.



Fourth of July Garden



Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: 5 miles

Wednesday: Core strength workout

Thursday: 11.1 miles @ 11:18/mile pace

Friday: 6 miles

Saturday: 5 miles

Sunday: 5 miles


This week’s long run was 11 miles, at a pace that felt quite comfortable with only two short walk breaks. I know Laura has planned a cutback week for me next week before continuing to ramp up the long run mileage, so I was happy that it felt good and also comfortable with switching it to Thursday when I knew the holiday weekend would be busy. That meant I did my recovery run Friday, but then felt the need to run to work out both my legs and my thoughts on Saturday and Sunday. so I actually ran four days in a row for the first time in I can’t remember how long. Today, the foam roller is my best friend.



Gluten Free Cookie Monster Ice Cream





Other than running more miles this week than I have in months, this Fourth of July weekend included a lot of ice cream and a Sunday afternoon at a family friend’s barbecue. One of the ice cream highlights was a gluten free Cookie Monster flavor made with Enjoy Life cookies. As for the party, we brought cookies from the city with sprinkles and smiley faces, and there were some pretty epic red white and blue desserts too.




Smiley face cookies

Fourth of July Cake




I’m looking forward to the fireworks followed by a four day workweek and a fun weekend including another wedding and brunch with some friends we haven’t seen in awhile. Oh, and more running. Happy Fourth!








What did you do for Fourth of July weekend?


How many days in a row do you typically run before a rest day?


Favorite gluten free summer dessert?












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8 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts and Updates 6/27-7/3

  1. Well done on your mileage this week! I run anywhere from 3-5 days without a rest day, depending on the runs themselves, weekend plans, and any hiking Ryan and I will be doing. When I did Hansons I ran 6 days straight and rested once per week and that was a bit too much for me with hiking and strength training thrown into the equation. That ice cream looks so delicious, especially the cookie pieces!


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