WIAW #62

This week’s WIAW features my usual weekend eats when I’m spending a summer weekend at my parents’ house in Connecticut, as I did this past weekend. It’s typically an apple and peanut butter, an apple and homemade muffin, or apple and Larabar before my Saturday long run. Usually in the summer I will eat a lighter snack because the heat makes it harder for me to digest before getting out there, but as I get into marathon training I’m trying to figure out the right balance of fueling well without it feeling like too much. This time it was half an apple and two Apple Cinnamon Flax Muffin Bites with peanut butter.



Apple Cinnamon Flax Muffin Bites




Afterwards, eggs and yogurt and fruit for brunch. More specifically, a Turkey Cheddar Omelet with Udi’s gluten free toast, a Greek yogurt with peanut butter and some Stonewall Kitchen jam from our trip to Maine, and a bowl of June strawberries.



Turkey Asiago omelet and Udi's toast

PB&J Greek Yogurt Parfait

giant strawberries




Uncharacteristically, I didn’t end up eating lunch because we were out and about in town. Fortunately, we stopped by Deborah Ann’s a second time for the weekend on Saturday to pick up a box of chocolates for my parents for their anniversary, which meant a second round of celebratory ice cream. Friday night was soft serve with Reese’s for me and strawberry for Brett, and Saturday we both went for banana chocolate chip, mine with rainbow sprinkles.



Deborah Ann's Banana Chip Ice Cream with Rainbow Sprinkles




We made dinner for my parents, and since they liked the make-your-own-Mexican-ish food from the grill that we made over Memorial Day Weekend, it was a repeat!




Memorial Day Mexican Insta





For dessert, even more ice cream, this time a few pints picked up from Ferris Acres, and some of the chocolate we bought. A delicious end to a wonderful Saturday.









Do you change your pre run snack with the seasons?


Favorite ice cream flavor?


Best thing you ate this week?












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6 thoughts on “WIAW #62

  1. Hmm.. Sometimes I eat more ice cream as a pre-run snack more in the summer time, and in the winter time, I will eat a banana and peanut butter. And all the omelets you eat make me want to learn how to make a perfect looking omelet like that!


  2. Your omelets lady. Every time. They always look so perfect! I need to try the turkey thing. Sounds so good.
    I also need to find myself some soft serve ice cream! You give me all the cravings. Have a lovely week!


  3. I adapt and adjust my pre run snack based on training loads, so sort of seasonally since I usually train for a goal race in the summer/fall. My stomach is sensitive to food on a run, so I’ve found what works for me and I stick to it. Your omelets are perfect!


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