WIAW #61: Simple Summer Eats

This WIAW is all about keeping my eats simple during summer in the city. It’s a little early in the season for some of my favorites, and I only get to enjoy the grill when I’m at home on weekends, but even on a summer night in New York City, I can still whip up a satisfying and summery meal. Without heating up my apartment too much!



Breakfast at the office was a Siggi’s plain yogurt with peanut butter, two Apple Cinnamon Flax Muffin Bites with more peanut butter, and an apple.



Siggis Whole Milk Plain Yogurt

Apple Cinnamon Flax Muffin with peanut butter

Pink Lady apple




Lunch brought with it a chicken burger and homemade sweet potato fries. I also had some baby carrots and a few slices of cheese. It’s been tough to find a lunch for work that doesn’t have me snacking through the morning beforehand or the afternoon once I’m finished, because the easiest thing is to pack a salad. I’m hoping that trying to do a quinoa or potato-based bowl could help, especially as marathon training gets underway. Anyway, I ate this meal for dinner the night before and brought my leftovers (the photo is from dinner because it’s prettier than a sad desk lunchbox 🙂 )




Chicken burger and sweet potato fries




In the snack department, the afternoon sent a pear, a package of turkey jerky, and two peanut butter cookie Larabars down the hatchet. I know by the end of marathon training I’ll be sick of the few Larabar flavors I can eat, but they’re good in a pinch when I need a portable snack.





Field Trip Turkey Jerky

Pear and Larabars




For dinner, I broiled a piece of wild sockeye salmon and sauteed some spinach with pecorino romano cheese. The same kind of cheese I sprinkled on the burger. I’ve been having cheese cravings lately.




Wild salmon and sauteed spinach



And for dessert, ice cream – a cherry vanilla sundae with sprinkles.



Cherry Vanilla ice cream sundae








What’s your typical bring-to-work lunch?


Favorite ingredients for spicing up a desk salad?


Any tips for preventing an oven from heating up your apartment?










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11 thoughts on “WIAW #61: Simple Summer Eats

  1. Hmmm… Do you like no-bake desserts? I often bake at night or in the evening or bake things that don’t take long to bake like cookies? I love salads, but I always usually add meat or cheese, because just veggies doesn’t keep me full. That sauteed spinach with cheese look so good with the salmon. 🙂


  2. My typical bring-to-work lunch is curly kale massaged with lemon and avocado – I usually make it one or two days in advance because it actually tastes better when the kale is less rough. I usually top it with whatever leftover protein I have from the night before (fish, veggie burger, whatever) and a side of sweet potatoes or carrots. Sometimes I bring sauerkraut too. I love this lunch!


  3. I hear you about only being able to eat a few kinds of bars. I’m thankful I’ve been able to add a few to my recipe recently, including Luna bars and those Nature Valley crunchy granola bars. I’m thankful I can tolerate oats pretty well.
    I try not to turn the oven on in the summer, which works fine for most of my meals–except for two things I tend to crave in the summer: blueberry muffins and pizza.
    I think the real challenge of packing a lunch is just never knowing how hungry I’m going to be the next day. What was more than enough one day is not nearly enough the next–oh well. Thank goodness for snacks!


  4. Yum your lunch looks delicious! Potato-based or quinoa-based power bowls are my go-to for marathon training (or, um, general life because my appetite doesn’t always get the hint). I pack my husband brown rice bowls for work each day as well, with eggs, seeds, greens, and tahini or avocado. They’re the few lunch meals that make me not hungry in a couple hours.


  5. Wow thats amazing, you must have an appetite since training, I honestly have to chew those Larabars so much I’m over it by the time I get done with one! My go to lunch has definitely been home made sweet potato fries, topped with zucchini and kale and shredded chicken breast! YUM!


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