Weekly Workouts and Updates 6/6-6/13

My weekly workouts and updates showcase the first week of the marathon training plan that Laura created for me. Because she tailors the training plan to each runner’s individual needs, I won’t go into the very specific details, but I will be sharing the general plan as I embark on my journey to the starting line. I’ll start there today, and then get to a few other scenes from the week and weekend.



Belvedere Castle Central Park




Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: 5.4 miles

Wednesday: Core Strength Workout

Thursday: 5.3 miles

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: 9 miles

Sunday: 4 very easy miles



The first month of the training plan has me running about 25 miles/week, similar to my usual. The difference is that the Saturday long run is a little longer right off the bat, 9 miles in Week 1, and the Sunday recovery run a little shorter. I’d been doing the same 13-15 miles each weekend but with 6-8 miles each day, so this was a change for me. As was the addition of a dedicated core workout on Wednesday morning. Both in a good way. I’d been meaning to add in some core strength exercises for awhile, but just never seem to actually squeeze them in on weekday mornings after a run. Having a day on my training plan with it already written in helps.



Central Park Reservoir in June




I spent the weekend at my parents’ house in Connecticut, so after my 9 mile long run Saturday morning I was able to refuel with a bowl of watermelon and the weekend newspaper, spending a couple of hours reading my favorite sections (travel, arts, food) and eating a lot more of what was in the fridge! Fruit, eggs with a chicken burger and veggies thrown in, a yogurt with peanut butter, iced coffee, and a few squares of dark chocolate. My post long run brunch, usually spread out over two hours or so when I’m at home afterwards, is probably the most food I’ll have in a short period of time throughout the whole week. When runger kicks in about a half hour after the run, it’s real.








I also enjoyed a lot of quality Sasha time this weekend. It’s the perfect weather right now for her, sunny and breezy but not so hot that her yellow Labrador fur coat means she’s panting on long walks outdoors. No weather though, rain or shine, will keep her from heading right for her treat cabinet after a walk. We just got some gluten free banana peanut butter biscuits shaped like little hearts that I can feed her…honestly that combination is something I want for myself!




Sasha waiting for a treat




Looking to the week ahead, I’ll be tackling a similar training schedule. Two weekday runs and a core workout, a long run Saturday and a recovery run Sunday. I’ll have to squeeze that long run in before hitting the road at noon for my friend Lauren’s wedding at West Point. So it will be a busy Saturday morning, kicking off a weekend with a lot to celebrate.








How were your workouts this week?


Any tips on sticking to a training plan when life gets crazy?


Highlight of your weekend?










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6 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts and Updates 6/6-6/13

  1. In order to stick to my training plan, I just plan ahead and try to get things in early. Because work is so crazy that I need to go with what gets thrown my way. I always check the weather, which helps me anticipate since I hate running in the rain.


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