Five Recent Reads I’m Loving This Friday

Following up on this blog survey I did a few months ago, and a post about five songs I was loving this spring, I’m here with another round of favorites, five recent reads I’m loving this Friday. All five of these blog posts made an impact on me in recent weeks, whether related to running, relaxation, or recipes. Those are the real three R’s we all need!


Central Park in spring



An Ode To Easy Runs: I’m so excited to have Laura as my coach while training for my first marathon. Her post on why easy runs are the bread and butter of training for any race made me sure that I picked the right coach, because while I know I have to get my speedwork, hill workouts, and intervals up to snuff to run my best on race day, easy runs have always been and likely will always be my favorite runs. Whether it’s a long solo jaunt to sort out my thoughts, or a run when I keep the pace easy so I can have a conversation with my boyfriend or a friend, I enjoy those miles more than any others.








Fish Tacos With Peach And Strawberry Salsa: This recipe looks simple and delicious, and I’d love to imagine I’m living the Floridian life that Emily enjoys while eating these tacos! After we made a make-your-own Mexican-ish meal over Memorial Day Weekend, I’m in the mood for summery, easy dinners like these.




Make your own Mexican grill




How To Use Yoga For Stress Relief: I enjoy going to yoga not just because it helps to stretch out from running and the stiffness that comes with a desk job, but because of the calm contemplation that I enjoy at the end of each class during the final savasana. It took me awhile to figure out how to make the most of a yoga class for stretching, strengthening, and stress relief, and I’m still working on getting that balance when I make it to the studio (which is not often enough). This post sketches out ways to achieve the latter that might not come so easily.





Foam roller and yoga mat




Raising A Girl To Have A Healthy Body Image: I loved reading Brittany’s post about how she tries to be a healthy role model for her two little girls. The world is hard enough on girls’ self-esteem, and as a mom I think one of the best things you can do for your daughters isn’t necessarily to shield them from reality, but to give them the confidence to be the best version of themselves and not let anyone else tell them they’re not good enough. After struggling with an eating disorder for much of my adolescence and young adulthood, sharing my story on this blog in the hopes that I can help others means something good comes from the bad, and if I ever have a daughter of my own, I’d want her to see and hear what’s in this post, rather than what I experienced.




With my parents at the Disney World Half Marathon




Tart Cherry Lime Homemade Gummy Candy: I can’t wait to experiment with Michele’s recipe because I plan to try using jelly beans and gummy candies as my marathon training fuel. I find it difficult to run within an hour or so of eating any actual food, but I’m not a fan of running gels and chews, so I think this kind of thing could be a good middle ground. Getting to make candy in my own kitchen is just the cherry on top of a good solution 🙂









What’s the best blog post you read this week?


Are other bloggers a source of information you turn to regularly?


What blogs and books are on your summer reading list?













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3 thoughts on “Five Recent Reads I’m Loving This Friday

  1. Thank you for sharing my post! This week I enjoyed Run to the Finish’s post this week (well, I always love her post) on marathon training on a busy schedule, and NYC Running Mama’s post on post marathon weight gain. Both were excellent reads! I really liked Michele’s candy recipe also – love the idea of making those at home. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Alyssa!


  2. Thank you so much for including my tacos! And something that’s new for me this cycle of training is taking my “easy runs” really easy. Like a much slower pace than what I used to consider my “easy.” I know it’s the right thing to do but my ego needs to get out of the way 🙂


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