WIAW #59: Eggs Your Way

This WIAW showcases three meals revolving around eggs. It’s no secret that I eat a lot of eggs, whipped into omelets or scrambles, baked into frittatas, boiled and sliced on a salad, or topping a breakfast bowl. I eat them for breakfast, brunch, and brinner, and consider them one of the most versatile options for anyone, because you can make eggs your way anytime of day and never lack for variety. First up on Sunday was breakfast at a diner en route back to New York City from a wedding weekend, when I had a turkey, Swiss, and spinach omelet with buttered gluten free toast.



Westbury Diner Omelet and Gluten Free Toast



Back at my apartment, I had a bowl of honeydew and cantaloupe and a goat’s milk yogurt as a mid-morning snack. I love this yogurt, but it’s pricey so it’s an occasional treat.



Goat milk yogurt




Late lunch was a slice of my homemade Turkey Kale Frittata, with goat cheese tossed in, and a baked sweet potato. It was the perfect warming meal for a rather rainy June afternoon.




Turkey Kale Frittata and sweet potato




Dinner at EJ’s Luncheonette (featured in my Best Eggs of the Upper East Side) involved their Farmer’s Market Frittata with spinach, tomatoes, and mushrooms, a few more slices of buttered gluten free toast, and two large slices of thick cut grilled ham. Rather repetitive when you think about my breakfast, but my stomach was actually a little unsettled and this kind of food tends to work best to get back on the right track!




EJ's Ham and Frittata




And for dessert, a miniature cup of strawberry Haagen-Dazs ice cream that we picked up at the hotel Saturday in case I needed a pre-wedding snack (I had a few others, so it went into the mini-fridge freezer and came home with me).











What kind of eggs are your favorite?


Any fun or creative ways to eat eggs?


Do you tend to pack snacks when you’re headed to an event?










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10 thoughts on “WIAW #59: Eggs Your Way

  1. Ah, I LOVE eggs! I could (and often do) eat them every day. Although eggs three times per day would be a record for me. πŸ˜‰
    My favorite way would probably be omelet, although I love that I can prep ahead boiled eggs and use them for the next few days…


  2. I like eggs, but I don’t love them. I definitely could not eat them every day. I like eggs the most when they are mixed in with other ingredients in a meal, rather than just straight eggs. For some reason eggs don’t sit as well in my stomach when I eat them in the morning.


  3. What kind of eggs are your favorite?
    I love how eggs are pretty much as versatile as oatmeal, almost more versatile. My favorite are either huge egg scrambles or a nicely fried egg. I think I’ve seen the most egg variations on your blog that I’ve ever seen which is pretty cool.

    Any fun or creative ways to eat eggs?
    Hmm… I really like egg salad, and I think I want to try making it with greek yogurt. I’m afraid that’s not really very creative though.

    Do you tend to pack snacks when you’re headed to an event?
    Yes, I do tend to pack some sort of snacks.. I always kind of anticipate being hungry. πŸ˜‰


  4. Ah man this day is sooo comforting. Especially your lunch. For some reason that combo just feels so cozy for me – I’ll have to make your fritatta recipe.
    I love eggs (a new-ish discovery for me) and am recently finding them to digest and settle really well in my stomach – so I’m loving them even more for that! My favorite way to have them is either fried ontop of a hash or scrambled really slowly so they stay super moist. Mmm.


  5. I love eggs and eat them everyday! I mix them into my oats for protein everyday and often have them for lunch. I haven’t made a frittata in a long time and I’m craving one after reading this. I always pack snacks when headed somewhere – especially to weddings because the reception may start at one time but it could be hours before the meal is served.


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