Celebrating Brett’s Birthday

I am a girl who enjoys her birthday. I’ve never wanted a big party, but I like the feeling of having family or a few close friends get together to share a special day with you, and I definitely like that my birthday means funfetti cake and ice cream. When I thought about how best to celebrate Brett’s birthday in the low-key way that we both prefer, I tried to figure out what the equivalent of my beloved funfetti might be for him. The answer? Taking him to Big Daddy’s, a decades-themed diner on the Upper East Side that serves tuna melts and tater tots, burgers and shakes, and keeps it easy for the gluten free girl who wants to enjoy her burger on her boyfriend’s birthday.



Big Daddy's Birthday




When you walk into Big Daddy’s, you might experience a little bit of sensory overload. The entire place is decorated in bright colors and splashy designs, ranging from a wall of license plates like in a 1950s roadside diner, to one covered in the names of 1980s board games and classic treats.



Big Daddy's 2



The menu is pretty simple. Breakfast foods on your left, burgers, sandwiches, and very big salads on your right. Fries, tots, and shakes at the bottom. Brett went for a tuna melt and tater tots, and I had a turkey burger with Cheddar on a gluten free bun. Sadly, the tater tots and french fries are not made in a gluten free fryer, so I had a side salad. We played with the trivia cards left on every table while we waited for our food, and once it arrived and we dug in, we were quite satisfied.



Big Daddy's Burger



We agreed that we’ll have to go back to check out some of the other menu items. In the meantime, we continued the birthday food bonanza with ice cream Rice Krispy treat pops at Treat House. We discovered this place a little over a month ago, and while I enjoyed the gluten free krispy treat I tried then, Brett had wanted to go back to check out the ice cream bars ever since. So we did. I had the regular vanilla version, which is a rice krispy treat surrounded by vanilla ice cream dipped in dark chocolate. Brett went for cookies n’ cream, which had crushed Oreos on top and underneath the chocolate coating. They weren’t quite substantial enough to constitute a full serving of dessert for us, but they were tasty!



Treat House Ice Cream




Afterwards, he opened his presents. Anchor cufflinks stuffed inside a mug I bought at L.L. Bean while we were in Maine, along with a card featuring ice cream, because that’s our thing. As it should be for everyone, because ice cream is delicious and amazing. And with that, the celebrations were complete. Now he’s just old 🙂



Brett's Birthday Gifts










How do you like celebrating your birthday?


Are you a fan of old school diners?


If you had to choose, would it be cake or ice cream?











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3 thoughts on “Celebrating Brett’s Birthday

  1. A birthday food bonanza looks really fun. I love low-key celebrations too, with my family. I’ve never had a real ‘birthday party’, because that’s just not me. HAPPY Birthday to Brett! 🙂 It looks like you had a relaxed, yummy day.


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