WIAW #58: Eat Your Meat and Greens

This WIAW, I’m sharing some meals that are pretty typical for me, as well as a dinner that showcases some newer food choices. The greens are nothing new, but since my elimination diet and subsequent step back from grains like oats and rice (and attempt to cut down on dairy, which sometimes works better than others) I’ve started eating some things that I haven’t touched since I was in preschool, if ever. I went from eating just fish and poultry to incorporating duck on occasion when I was in college in England. I threw pork/ham back into the mix last year, because as my dad says, it’s “the other white meat”. And very recently, I’ve dipped a toe in the waters of “real meat” which you’ll see if you read all the way through this day’s dinner…



Oren's iced coffee



Breakfast was some leftover baked sweet potato fries from the night before, and an omelet with veggies and spinach and garlic chicken sausage. Pretty routine if you’ve seen my Instagram of late. I also had an Oren’s iced coffee I got for free because of an expired loyalty card.



Chicken sausage eggs and sweet potatoes



For lunch, a salad from Chop’t with kale, corn, cucumbers, celery, and charred onions, and their tzatziki dressing. I had my own chicken to top it with. I’m not usually so keen on Chop’t for my once-a-week splurge on buying lunch, but seeing Meredith’s better experience her second time around I gave it another shot. It’s much pricier than a salad I make myself, but when I have no time it does the trick!



Chop't salad with chicken, kale, tzatziki



Afternoon snacks included a Pink Lady apple, a Larabar, and a bag of sweet potato chips. Old photo, but just swap Plentils for potatoes!



Plentils, Larabar and apple



Dinner at Bareburger. Always good, but instead of my usual turkey or duck burger, I went for what my dad terms “real meat”. I had a salad with romaine, feta, pickled onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, and green hummus, topped with a well done bison burger and their lemon tahini dressing. Extra dill pickles and fries on the side.




Bareburger salad and bison burger




Ice cream for dessert. I do it year round, but now that it’s summer it’s practically a requirement. Cherry vanilla with rainbow sprinkles this time. Not like I didn’t have enough over Memorial Day Weekend, but there you are 🙂




Cherry Vanilla ice cream sundae








Have your food preferences changed over time?


Are there things you used to avoid eating that you now incorporate into your diet?


What foods do you crave when the weather gets warm?













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10 thoughts on “WIAW #58: Eat Your Meat and Greens

  1. I love the IDEA of Chop’t, but I’m not sure I would love it, especially since I’ve heard it’s pricey. That being said, I do love me a good salad that I don’t have to clean up after!


  2. two years ago I incorporated more meat into my diet when I realized that too many veggies were making my GI issues worse. When you take something away, it feels easier when something is put into its place. Your dinner order sounds exactly like something I’d enjoy! I need to stop at a bareburger when I see it!


  3. Your WIAW always make me hungry again even if I just ate! The Bareburger looks delicious – I love a good bison burger! Lentils were something I avoided eating for a while that are now a staple in my diet. I don’t handle some beans too well, but I’ve found that lentils are easier on the GI system and that I actually love the taste of them!


  4. There are a TON of foods I used to avoid that I now incorporate into my diet. I used to be mostly vegetarian, and I’m not anymore. I just to avoid all fermentable carbohydrates, and how I eat some fructans and GOS like onions, garlic, beans, and chicory, and almonds. I think that’s really healthy–it can be dangerous to refuse to try new foods, especially for folks like us with food intolerances–we’ve gotta eat what we can tolerate!


  5. I never made it to Chop’t or Bareburger when I was in the city! Adding it to our (eventual) dinner-date list 🙂 Oh gosh, my diet/food preferences have changed a ton over the years, but the most drastic change was obviously going gluten-free. I tend to stay away from high FODMAP foods (onions and garlic), but I never really liked them much.


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