May Monthly Recap

This May didn’t fly by anywhere near as fast as last year, when the month was consumed by law school graduation and the beginning of bar study. It also felt a little longer than the preceding March and April. Maybe it’s because of our Maine vacation, or because I got sick afterwards and took some time off running, or even just because it took the weather awhile to settle into true start-of-summer sunshine. Whatever it was, I’m happy to be heading into June, because there’s lots of excitement on the calendar. Before we get to that, read on for my May monthly recap!








The month kicked off with my friend Lauren’s bridal shower in Ridgefield. It was pretty and pink and perfect for an amazing bride-to-be, and I was thrilled to have the chance to celebrate with her before the wedding after not seeing each other since my trip to Nashville last September.




bridal shower decorations




After that, it was just a few days until we headed up to Maine. I took a blogging break while I was on vacation, but once we returned, I was all about the recaps! From running in Portland to spending a lazy day in Kennebunkport, enjoying lots of delicious gluten free goodies and ice cream, it was awesome to get away.




Walkers Point Brett and I




Although I was sick, I did manage to get back into running by the end of the month and wound up with a monthly mileage total of 95 miles. I fell well short of my monthly mileage goal of 120 miles/month by the time marathon training began, but I couldn’t help that. I’m not too worried. I think I’ll be in good hands with Laura’s training plan, which I’m set to start on June 6.




Pink tulips in Central Park




And I enjoyed finishing out the month with Memorial Day weekend at home in Connecticut. I’ve always enjoyed the holiday, marking the start of summer with our town’s parade, eating ice cream, and savoring the extra day off school or work. This year was no exception.







There’s lots to look forward to in June, from weekends escaping the city to Lauren’s wedding at West Point, wearing flip flops and eating more ice cream, and soaking up the sunshine. I can’t wait!







What was the highlight of your May?


What are you looking forward to in June?


What marks the start of summer for you?








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6 thoughts on “May Monthly Recap

  1. It looks like you had such an amazing May. I loved following your vacation adventures in Maine, because it gave me more incentive to drive up to Maine someday. 🙂 I also am 100% with you on your love for Icecream. Are those marshmallows on top of the last bowl? The highlight of my May was definitely going on a 2 week trip to Ireland with my sisters (aka: best friends… :), and in June, I’m looking forward to my cousin’s wedding! 🙂


  2. Looks like you had such a fun and travel-filled May! I’m so excited to start working with you next week (and finishing up your plan today… I sort of unplugged for the weekend!). In June I’m looking forward to my mom and sister visiting Seattle and starting the Marathon Training Group!


  3. That looks like a gorgeous bridal shower! :] I’m glad you had a ton of fun in Maine–it was awesome to get to follow along (and I reallyyy need to get my butt over there someday!). I’m sorry that you got sick, but hopefully you’re feeling better now! :]

    My May highlights were probably my mini roadtrip with one of my grad school friends + graduating from med school. June = going to Hawai’i!! *-*


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