Weekly Workouts and Memorial Day Weekend

I’ve always loved celebrating Memorial Day. It isn’t the biggest holiday, but it does mark the start of summer in more ways than one. This year, the weather warmed up rapidly, so it seems like it really crept up on us, but all that meant is earlier morning runs and lots of ice cream to cool off. I’ll recap my weekly workouts first and then get to Memorial Day weekend.



Ridgefield, Connecticut



Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: 4.6 miles

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: 5.5 miles

Friday: Rest day

Saturday 7.4 miles + lots more walking

Sunday: 6 mile morning walk + lots more walking


You might think I cut back this week by running just 3 days without any run more than 8 miles, and you’d be right. After getting back into the running groove last week, I decided to acclimate to the warmer weather and also take it easy leading up to the official start of my marathon training on June 6 by consciously keeping my running easy. I also do a lot of walking, which itself becomes more of a workout when the heat sets in.



Ridgefield Rec Center Trail




Friday afternoon, we escaped the city from a very crowded Grand Central Terminal, and we were back in Connecticut in time to enjoy dinner with my family and of course make a trip to Deborah Ann’s for ice cream. I went for Krispy Swirl, which is vanilla with dark chocolate covered rice crispies cereal. Luckily they use the generic kind so it’s gluten free 🙂




Deborah Ann's krispy swirl ice cream




Saturday, we met my friend Lanna for lunch in New Canaan. I hadn’t seen her in forever since she lives in Boston, so it was a wonderful treat. After a meal at Gates Restaurant, we headed to Gelatissimo to cool off, since it was in the high 80s and sticky. Stracciatella beat the heat for me.



Gelatissimo stracciatella gelato




That evening, we made dinner for my family on the grill. A make-your-own Mexican-style meal, with grilled chicken, shredded cheese, lettuce, grilled onions and peppers, and grilled corn on the cob, and yellow corn tortillas so everyone could wrap up exactly what they wanted. It was delicious. The only thing that made it more so? A return trip to Deborah Ann’s for some soft serve with marshmallows (me) and a Dole Whip (for Brett).




Make your own Mexican grill

Make your own Mexican grill

Deborah Ann's soft serve and Dole Whip




Sunday was spent relaxing with more ice cream (Chocolate Cherry Marshmallow with rainbow sprinkles at Doctor Mike’s in Bethel, Connecticut) and dinner to celebrate my brother’s college graduation. I can never go home without lots of ice cream. And today is the parade, of course. As you read this, I’ll be soaking it all in with my family and making the most of a Monday off.




Doctor Mike's chocolate cherry marshmallow with sprinkles









How did you spend Memorial Day Weekend?


Favorite meal where everyone can customize?


Which ice cream would you want to try?








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11 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts and Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Your sweet treats have my mouth watering! They all look scrumptious! Great workouts this past week and a great way to ease into the warm weather and marathon training. I’m glad I stopped by today. I like your blog! ~Amy


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