Why I Love A Maine Vacation

There are many reasons why I love a Maine vacation. Getting to run along the Atlantic. Goofing off by the Bean Boot. Eating all the delicious food, the burgers and baked goods, special meals out, and ice cream galore. But I think the best part is the feeling of being totally at peace, a feeling I had on our day in Kennebunkport and have had in the past in this place. To me, taking a vacation means truly getting away from everything that weighs you down in daily life, and for some reason, I was able to spend more moments doing just that in Maine than I have been anywhere else.



Walkers Point Kennebunkport




A Maine morning I haven’t shared thus far on the blog is the few hours we spent at Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth. I’ve always loved lighthouses, the way they represent a beacon in a storm, providing a light for safety and guidance, and stand where the land meets the sea. My favorite painting is of another Maine lighthouse, Edward Hopper’s Lighthouse at Two Lights. So I was excited to visit this lighthouse with Brett.




Portland Head Light




It was misty and cool for May, but the weather actually seemed appropriate for exploring the lighthouse and the rocky coast on which it stands. After all, a lighthouse is needed most when seas are choppy and skies are gray.




Portland Head Light Cape Elizabeth




We took a stroll along one of the trails that runs by the ocean in Fort Williams State Park, where the lighthouse is located, after visiting the museum inside. You can only go up to the tower one day per year, a Saturday in September, and the next best way to experience the lighthouse is to stand on the rocky cliffs directly across from it in the park. Which is exactly what we did. The rocks were too damp to climb out very far, but even from where we stood, it was pretty spectacular. 




Brett and I Portland Head Light




Being in a place like this really allows you to step back and give your brain a break. It’s not as difficult to let go of the things that clutter your mind on a daily basis, because all you’re thinking about is the natural beauty and the magic of what man made to watch over, but not to interfere with, what nature wrought with the ocean and the rocks. At least it isn’t for me. When I’m looking out over the ocean with the lighthouse to one side, I’m not thinking about work or organizing things with family and friends or how I’m going to fit my marathon training plan into my life this summer. I’m just taking it all in. Maybe a little part of me is eagerly anticipating the ice cream I’ll get later in the day, but that’s it. And that sort of moment didn’t just occur at the lighthouse, it happened in Kennebunkport too, standing at Walkers Point or clambering on the rocks at the beach.





Walkers Point Brett and I





That’s the main reason for my loving a Maine vacation. There’s just something about the place. The tagline for the state’s tourism industry is that Maine is the way life should be, and I wholeheartedly agree. We should be able to take a step back, relax and reflect, far more often than we do in this crazy world. I like to think of this blog as an outlet that allows me to do it on a regular basis, but getting away from everything completely? That’s special, and rare, and I don’t take it for granted.









What kind of place allows you to take a step back and reflect?


Are you more interested in exploring natural wonders or checking out new cities?


Do you like lighthouses?










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17 thoughts on “Why I Love A Maine Vacation

  1. Being out in nature does that to me too, which is why I love the mountains so much. Out of all the other places, there’s just something about them that makes me feel the most alive and carefree.. which probably means that I should just move up there already 😆


  2. Awww I love this post! I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself and kept us up to date. I know I didn’t comment every day but I enjoyed all your Instagram pics and updates.

    What you describe is exactly how I felt last year when we went on our cruise. Granted, a luxurious cruise ship isn’t my idea of simplicity, but there was something so deeply calming and peaceful about being surrounded by ocean as far as the eye can sea. I also felt the way you describe in Guatemala – the opposite experience of our cruise vacation, and very different than Maine, but such simplicity, the joy of doing meaningful volunteer work and not having any other care in the world. It is really hard to part with these experiences and go back to work/life as usual, but it’s like that super corny overused quote: “it’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.”


  3. I’m definitely into both–the natural wonders and the cities. I just started a new job at the YMCA of the Rockies, and I’ve definitely been relishing the mountain views, the natural beauty, and the time to read books! Getting away from that stressful brain-spin of graduate school life is a blessing.
    I’ve never been to the New England area, but it looks really refreshing. Being on a lighthouse in on a cool, rainy day actually sounds like just the sort of atmosphere you’d associate with being at a lighthouse–soft of romantic, actually.
    Enjoy your time there. 🙂 How long do you get to stay?


  4. Your photos are spectacular – I love the coast and Maine is high on my list of places to visit because of the ocean and the natural wonders. I feel the same way about the mountains – they are a weekly chance to step back, unplug, and relax. I love living in East Seattle because there’s a big city and natural wonders all with an hour drive (well, depending on traffic…).


  5. I love this post too, because I’m definitely more of a natural wonders or quiet little places sort of a tourist. And the best vacations are not where you are running around like crazy, because the point of a vacation is rest, refreshment. ❤ Thankful that you are resting, refreshing, and enjoying awesome runs on the Atlantic coast. ❤ Maine just looks so beautiful. I really want to visit sometime soon, and I am keeping all your recaps in mind for the best 'insider' tips.


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  7. Your photos are beautiful! I just got back from a whirlwind week long trip which included Sugarloaf and Portland, Maine. I lived in Maine for almost five years and never got tired of how beautiful that part of the country is!


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  9. Aughh! I really need to go to Maine someday (hopefully soon)!! I’m definitely more of an “explore natural wonders” person, but I do like checking out the foods in new cities! 😛


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