Three Portland Ice Cream Finds

Following on my recap of breakfasts at Bam Bam Bakery and lunch at B. Good Burger, I’m back with another post about eats from my recent trip to Maine. This time I’m dishing the details on three fabulous ice cream scoop shops, all located within a few blocks in the heart of Portland’s Old Port.



Three Portland Ice Cream Finds


After snacking on the drive up and having a relatively small dinner on our first day in Portland, we enjoyed our first ice cream of the trip at Beal’s. I went for a classic cup of Maine Moose Tracks with rainbow sprinkles, every bite fudgy, creamy, and delicious. I know my Moose Tracks, having ordered it at many scoop shops up and down the New England coast, and this rendition was up there with the best. Brett had the Chocolate Doughboy (chocolate chocolate chip cookie dough) and says he’d recommend it for the gluten-eaters out there πŸ™‚ 



Beals Ice Cream Moose Tracks with sprinkles




After our delicious dinner on Friday evening at Fore Street, the need for ice cream was still there (for me at least – he remained stuffed!) so I decided to try a scoop at Mount Desert Island Ice Cream just up the block from Beal’s. They have lots of unique flavors, many of them savory, but none of them were really calling to me. I was honestly pretty full and just wanted a little something sweet, so wound up with a cup of plain sweet cream. It hit the spot, but I prefer the classic and fun flavors, and it was rather pricey.




Mount Desert Island Ice Cream

Mount Desert Island Ice Cream




We got back to the wacky and fun on Saturday night, when we completed our trifecta of Old Port scoop shop exploration at Captain Sam’s down by the waterfront. The shop is decked out with animal statues and fun quotes, and funny flavors to match. I was torn between E. T. (vanilla with Reese’s pieces) and Crocodile (vanilla dyed green with M&Ms). After eating an M&M cookie from Bam Bam for breakfast, I went with Crocodile, and wasn’t disappointed. 





Captain Sams Ice Cream

Captain Sams Crocodile Ice Cream




And that’s a wrap for today! Check back next week for more of the scoop on our Maine adventures.







Have you ever been to Portland, Maine?


Do you prefer to indulge in restaurant desserts or head out for ice cream after?


Do you check out the ice cream spots in new cities you’re visiting?









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7 thoughts on “Three Portland Ice Cream Finds

  1. You’re in Portland?! I live here! My boyfriend and I love Captain Sam’s. Highly recommend the Seabiscuit (though it’s not gluten free). It’s amazing. πŸ™‚ Also, Beals is bomb. If you’re looking for healthy treats, stop at Maine Squeeze Juice Cafe. They have smoothies and acai bowls that are delicious!


  2. Noooo!! Now I really want ice cream! ;_; I haven’t had any in a little bit because although I do love it, it does tend to be kinda pricey (sigh). The flavors at Captain Sam’s sound so fun!

    I’m glad you’re enjoying your time in Maine! :]


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