A Connecticut Bridal Shower

This weekend, I had the honor of attending the bridal shower of one of my closest friends. It took place in the garden of our hometown’s quaint historical museum, and was the perfect celebration of one of the kindest, most caring people I know and love.




Bridal shower sign




Lauren and I met in sixth grade, went through elementary school and high school together on friendly terms, but became very close after college when we ended up living just one block away from each other in New York City. She moved to Nashville to be with her fiancée about a year and a half ago, but we’ve kept our friendship going via the magic of cell phones, Skype, and an awesome weekend trip replete with city tour, Southern countryside, and amazing gluten free eats.




Lauren and I bridal shower




The bridal shower was held in the garden room at the Keeler Tavern museum. It was the perfect spring day, and Lauren’s mom did an amazing job of decking the room out with pink decorations and fun ways to show your love for Lauren, like a keepsake ceramic plate for all the guests to sign, a box with blank note cards for you to write Lauren a piece of advice for married life, and another box where you could drop a card with a favorite recipe that would be made into a recipe box.




Bridal shower gifts

Bridal shower dessert table

bridal shower decorations





The bride-to-be opened all of her presents. I was amazed at how generous everyone was. Her registry was cleaned out before I even got to it, so I bought her and her husband-to-be wine glasses engraved with their new names, which they loved. The bridesmaids also came up with fun games to play between courses at lunch, like bridal shower Scattergories.




bridal shower decorations

bridal shower decorations

bridal shower decorations





It was a beautiful afternoon to honor a beautiful person, and what mattered most was the theme of love that underlaid it all. Love for one another, and love for all the family and friends who come together to celebrate a marriage. It occurred to me recently that weddings are really not just about the happy couple. They’re also about the families who raised them, the other people who have played important roles in their lives, and everyone’s desire to share in their joy. The depth of caring for these two people makes you a little more hopeful about the amount of good in the world. That probably sounds sappy, but it’s true. And now, I’m looking forward to their wedding in June 🙂




bridal shower decorations

bridal shower decorations








Have you been to a bridal shower?


Favorite way to honor a bride-to-be?


Would you be the type to have a traditional shower?








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7 thoughts on “A Connecticut Bridal Shower

  1. I was at a bridal shower this weekend too for a June wedding;) Everything looks so nice! I ended up getting my friend an engraved wineglass/beer mug set from Uncommon Goods, and then china from her registry that we split between all the bridesmaids. Looks like your friend had a great celebration!


    • I got engraved wine glasses with their new names as well. I did it for the first two friends to get married so I guess it’s becoming my thing! My friend’s grandmother actually bought their whole china set. Everyone was SO generous 🙂


  2. What a beautiful bridal shower! I would love to have one like that someday. My friends and I are still a little young (as in most of us are 19-21 haha) for most of us to be thinking of getting married soon but I’m sure that will change before I know it! And I love the wine glass idea; so unique and something that they probably wouldn’t do for themselves, so lovely!


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