April Monthly Recap

This time last year, I was finishing up classes at Columbia Law School and getting ready to graduate. I was nervously anticipating the bar exam, while eagerly looking forward to the second half of the summer and my planned travels. I had absolutely no idea how any of it was going to go. And now? A good friend from law school and I had brunch last weekend, and she said she felt like ten years had passed rather than one, that she wouldn’t even recognize her old life. I understand what she’s saying. So much happened just this month that it felt like longer, and as for the past year, I was right about one thing back then. I had no idea that my life would be what it is today.



Central Park dogwood



Just this month itself felt long. I ran the Scotland Run 10K two weeks after the New York City Half Marathon, and the MORE Half Marathon two weeks after that, so I was literally on the run week after week. The change in weather from the cool rain of the Scotland Run, that had me racing home and waiting at my door for my fingers to un-freeze before I could unlock it, to the bright sunshine of the MORE Half, made me a little more tired and dehydrated the day of the latter than I might otherwise have been. Luckily I had an afternoon of excellent refueling afterwards.




4-17-16 Post Half Food Insta




We practically experienced three seasons in as many weeks, which also made March seem forever ago. It’s crazy that one week prior to the MORE Half, snow and sleet were coming down as we drove to Philadelphia. Yet there we were after the race, wandering Central Park in shorts soaking up the rays.







That drive to Philadelphia took place the weekend between the two races, which we spent at my boyfriend’s parents’ house down the shore. When you go from race weekend to out of town to race weekend, there’s so much activity you feel like there must have been more time elapsed to have fit it all in. It also means you need a little break, which is exactly what I got this past weekend.




Belmar boardwalk




In between crazy weekends, I went to work, went for my weekday morning runs, and blogged. I baked some new treats like my Grain Free Chocolate Cherry Cake and Quinoa Flake Breakfast Bake.



A deliciously dark and dense chocolate cherry cake, gluten and dairy free and bursting with flavor.




My eats during our beach weekend, and my rungry Sunday, were delicious indeed. I loved discovering new-to-me spots like NoGlu and Treat House in New York City, and accompanying my boyfriend to his childhood favorite Mariner’s Cove. Workdays were a lot more routine.




Strawberries and whipped cream




I took the time to reflect on my relationship with food, how it’s changed for the better not just over the years but in the very recent past. I got some new favorite songs stuck in my head for spring. I wound up with a monthly mileage total of 109 including my races, the same as in March, and thought about why I want to keep racing fun.




Bradley beach mini golf





I’m really looking forward to May. We’re headed to Maine for a little getaway and I can’t wait to show Brett some of my favorite spots, including a lighthouse and an ice cream scoop shop (are you surprised at all?) and I’m planning a surprise for his birthday later in the month. Memorial Day weekend in Ridgefield is one of my favorite holidays. Then it’s summer 🙂 Anchors aweigh!












Biggest difference in your life between one year ago and now?


Highlight of your month?


What are you looking forward to in May?











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9 thoughts on “April Monthly Recap

  1. Last year I was still in high school about to graduate and this year now I’m finishing up my freshman year in college- so crazy! Maine is such a beautiful place- you are going to have so much fun! I’m looking forward to finishing up finals and SUMMER 🙂 Have a great day girl!


  2. It is strange how different life as a student is from life as a working person. Sometimes I can’t believe how much time has passed between now and then, and sometimes if feels like the blink of an eye.

    It sounds like you’ve had a LOT of races recently! That can be so fun; it definitely keeps you motivated! Our weather has skipped spring and got straight to summer, which is pretty normal for Florida, but I do miss the cool breezes of winter already!


  3. Ooh, I hope your getaway in May is AMAZING and relaxing! I loved following your running journeys, your journey of your relationship with food, and gazing at the beautiful places you get to visit. ❤


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