WIAW #55: Eggs All Day

Today’s WIAW features eggs all day. They really are incredible 🙂 It kicked off with a different kind of breakfast for me. Instead of the usual omelet or quinoa flake breakfast bake, I had a couple of hard boiled eggs along with an apple, carrot and raisin salad left over from lunch the prior day. This could also be construed as an eat-whatever’s-in-my-work-fridge meal, but it was a pretty good sweet and savory combination.



Hard boiled eggs and carrot salad




While this combination was tasty, it wasn’t as large as my usual continuous breakfast-to-snack-to-lunches tend to be, so I had a goat milk yogurt and a pear about an hour afterwards.



Coach Farms Goat milk yogurt




Lunch was two slices of my Turkey Kale Frittata and a baked sweet potato. This is an old photo from when I had the same meal for dinner at some point, but honestly the frittata and sweet potato combo is so common with me I couldn’t tell you when!




Turkey Kale Frittata and sweet potato





For a mid-afternoon snack, sunflower butter spooned straight from the (almost empty) jar, washed down with decaf iced coffee.  That’s just the way it goes sometimes. And an apple, of course – not a day goes by without one.




Once Again Sunflower Seed Butter

Pink Lady apple




Eggs in their third form of the day took place in an omelet as part of breakfast-for-dinner, something I do a lot. It’s just so easy to whip up an omelet and some veggies, potatoes, and/or chicken sausage and feel like I’ve “cooked” when I haven’t had time to meal prep.




Omelet and chicken sausage





The day’s sweet tooth was sated by a slice of grain free Chocolate Cherry Cake with a scoop of salted caramel ice cream. A delicious combination followed up by a few squares of Hu crunchy mint dark chocolate. We discovered the Hu chocolate bars, made in Brooklyn, a few months back, and enjoy the banana and mint flavors when they’re on sale (since they’re pretty pricey at $6-$7 a bar otherwise). 




grain free Chocolate Cherry Cake with caramel ice cream

Hu crunchy mint dark chocolate








Do you stick to the same breakfast on weekdays or switch it up?


Favorite coleslaw or other side salad?


How many sweet versus savory snacks do you eat in a day?










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17 thoughts on “WIAW #55: Eggs All Day

  1. I don’t really like coleslaw! I much prefer potato salad or regular lettuce salad.
    And I do tend to stick to one breakfast throughout the week- I go through phases though. Sometimes eggs, sometimes oats, etc. And sweet ftw!


  2. Yey! Can’t go wrong with eggs. I often have hardboiled eggs for breakfast because it’s easy to prep ahead. But I love omelet, too. Had one on the weekend and it totally hit the spot! 🙂


  3. I usually eat the same breakfast on weekdays, but it’s fun to do pancakes or waffles on Saturdays. I often make a blogger’s breakfast recipe for Sunday mornings on Saturday night. That grain free cake looks absolutely delish. Also, did you like that goat milk yogurt? I haven’t had a goat milk yogurt that I like yet.


    • It was delicious! But they’re really pricey. In NYC they cost around $2.25-$2.75 for one yogurt. I bought the one on sale to try it, and sometimes my boyfriend surprises me with that kind of thing as a treat, but definitely not in the regular budget. It might be different out in CO where you are,


  4. You and I have been on similar wavelengths with our eggs. I think 9/10 of my meals this week contained an omelette. But thank you for reminding me of hard boiled eggs – I always forget how good they are! Ontop of that sweet carrot/raisin slaw sounds divine.
    I’ve had that chocolate cake saved on my computer for a while now. Can’t wait till I have more time to bake, it’ll be first on my list.


  5. I almost always have oatmeal every morning for breakfast! It’s my favorite by far. I’m not a huge coleslaw fan, but I do like salads in general and eat them almost daily. I’m definitely more of a sweet vs. savory snack person, and love dark chocolate!


  6. Breakfast for dinner is the absolute best thing, haven’t done that in far too long. I am a big oatmeal fan for breakfast but I like to change up the toppings and switch it up for toast, eggs, or yogurt a few days a week. I could pretty much eat eggs every day though, they are just so versatile.


  7. Ah goat’s milk yogurt is good stuff! I haven’t had it in a long time though. I go back and fourth with my yogurt eating habits. And eggs are always a good idea!


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